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A podcast is basically a internet radio show.

Unlike a radio show you use your computer to download the audio and you can listen to it on your computer or as is popular on your MP3 player, like the Apple iPod.

www.thejudopodcast.eu is a Judo specific podcast. It is focussed primarily on European Judo, but will cover Judo anywhere.

You can pop over to the website and listen direct on the website. Or download it, you can even subscribe in something like iTunes. Then everytime we update it will automatically download itself onto your PC.


The Judo Podcast . EU

The podcast has been running since November 2008, we've had amazing interviews with some terrific Judo people. Check it out at www.thejudopodcast.eu 

Guests have Included, Nuno Delgado, Densign White, George Kerr, Daniel Lascau and Kosei Inoue.

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A Judo Podcast with a European Focus.

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About this site

Judo is a Martial Art, Olympic Sport and Commonwealth sport.

Much like JuJitsu, Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido and other marial arts, Judo is an effective and powerful self defence. It does not however incorporate any kicks or punches. In Judo throws are used along with ground fighting techniques including arm locks, strangles, chokes and pinning techniques.

Judo in Europe is strong, and has been so historically for a long time. Specifically, France and Germany, along with the former Soviet Block countries. European Judo has been instrumental in the progress and history of Judo. The formation of the European Judo Union (EJU) was the for runner to the International Judo Federation (IJF) and is a major force in modern Judo.

The podcast was inspired and is closely linked to our friends over at www.thejudopodcast.com not only do they have a podcast focussed primarily on USA Judo, they also have excellent videos and more.

Debate 2006:

 Bath University Judo Debate

This debate was put together by my fellow students on the FDSC course at the University of Bath as part of our degree. The debate is on newaza and should we have more or less of it. The hour plus debate was downloaded 672 times in August 2006, so please do watch it and comment.

Not strictly part of thepodcast but it's one off forerunner!