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Odds & Sods 

Well, a big quiet spell, mainly work related.
Lots of interesting things have been happening and in the pipeline for 2007, but REALLY looking forward to a week of next week.

In other geek related topics, lots of fun things on the go.
If you are just subscribed to the RSS, take a look at the website

On the righthand side I've added some new toys.

First a Traineo button, watch my weight loss challenge. Traineo is by the way a terrific web application take a look over at

I've put a button for underneath also. I've been a paying user of Last.Fm for a long while and love it. Now you can see what tunes I've been listening to. button is next. Which I notice today is a bit neglected. Joes goals is another interesting web app, helps you monitor how you are getting on goals-wise.

Down near the bottom, but probably moving upwards is mt button. Now twitter is one of those things thats got a buzz about it. It's kinda like a mini-blog thingee. You basically shot really short messages at it from the website, my dshboard widget, SMS message or via a IM client.

I really recommend taking a look at all the buttons, click on the buttons and look at the applications. Let me know what you discover, what you think, etc.


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Judo on the BBC 

Ever wondered how often Judo has been on the BBC (thats the British Briadcasting Corporation, for all those not familiar)?

Well now you can find out!

This is an EXPERIMENTAL service my former colleague Ian posted a blog about. He works on the BBC Backstage project which built this tool. It's amazing, all we need now are links to the actual video.

Interestingly, Judo has been on the famous Blue Peter kids show 16 times, but only half that number of times on the News. Accuracy? Dunno, but take a look it's really interesting.


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Fury on the Mat Trailer 

Grab it over at ... ideos.html tell them Lance sent ya! :)
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Break Judo and other fun! 

Found this via who've been sending lots of traffic to the podcast (thanks!).

also try

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Google Patents 

My good buddy Chris was talking about suffering from an removal from the web. I know that pain, the ol' interweb soaks up a heck of lot of my time I know.

And it has just got worse!

Google has just released a patents search, awesome!
Check out the the Judo training device patents here

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