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Physics in Ukemi 

Not sure about the science, not being a physicist, but looks and sounds great!

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Cambridge University Letter 

Hi all,

not much, but wanted to get this online ASAP, below is a scan of the letter in Episode 3 of the podcast. It is the letter that dates the Cambridge University Judo Club to 1906, enjoy!

There are three more pages, I'll get them up properly when time permits.


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Podcast Episode 3 - Cambridge University Judo Club 1906-2006 

Episode 3 is out now, fire across to and listen in.

I'll be posting more info, pictures and so forth over the next couple of days. But take a look over at and let me know what you think.

Thanks to Mike, Gene and especially to Maynard!

Comments please. ... dcast3.mp3
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Podcast three on it's way. 

I have just spent a hour or so recording Episode three of WOOT!

It is all about Cambridge Judo Club, it's long history, etc.

Joined By Mike & Gene from (thanks guys!) And Maynard from the Uni (Cheers). Thanks to James of the Uni also, although the internet killed his connection before discussion started.

It's a long one (sorry) but really interesting!

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Excellent debate 

Hi all,

Of course anyone who reads this blog will have seen our debate at University of Bath (

Now, as a kiwi I've always had the image of David Lange in the debate at the Oxford Union in my head. I've tracked it down on the web, and wanted to share it hear as he is awesome!

It is here and here is the MP3.

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