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Things others do well. 

Today I was cleaning out my study (and in the process turning my home Dojo into a home office ) I came across a CD of photos from my days with Capoeria Scotland.

The photos (now on Facebook and Bebo) were from a workshop I organised with a Capoeira Mestre from Rio, Brazil. Back then, we were a small organisation, probably a membership in double digits, maybe 50 if we were lucky.

Yet we organised to have an expert instructor visit us from Brazil. We paid not only for the Mestre's flights but for his time also for the weekend. Hundreds of pounds were spent and obtained from the members. In Capoeira, workshops are really common, getting Mestres to come to workshops is common too.

In Judo, not so much.


I have been to Judo workshops, but with much less frequency than in Capoeira. It is something that a club is unlikely to do. Clubs are more likely to attend events from the National Governing Body; but unlikely to organise their own events. Why?

I think it is something that we could do better.

Thats it, goodnight
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New Rules from the IJF... thoughts? 

Hi Everyone,
I have received copies of the proposed new rule changes that I gather are to be trialed at the 2008 Junior Worlds in Bangkok.

I could not find the information on the IJF website, so I can't post any links to the documents... sorry. I have some PDFs but shan't post them as I might get in trouble. :(

Anyway... here is a summary of what is going on, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments. I am also interested as to who's been consulted on these rule changes, if you were, let me know.

Yuko, Wazari, Ippon only.

Osae komi
Ippon - 20 seconds
Wazari - 15 seconds
Yuko - 10 seconds.

Golden Score
Golden score will be only 3 minutes.

Border line rules
All the actions are valid and may continue (no Mate) as long as either contestant has some part of their body touching the contest area. (Similar criteria than in Ne-waza).


refusal of Kumi kata grasp - Shido.
When gripping the player seeking to grip is safe, the one "Preventing the grip" will be given Shido.

block by Kumi kata by repulsing - Shido
If you block your opponents attacks by pushing with the arms - Shido.

blocking by kumi kata with crushing - Shido
If you dominate the grip and prevent the other player attacking, pulling them doy. Shido.

excessive defensive posture - shido
Defending by basically bending in half, preventing your opponent form attacking. Shido.

grasp of trousers - Shido
Grabbing the trousers to attack or defend, shido.

False Attacks:
Sutemi - shido
Dropping into a sutemi attack without breaking the opponents balance. If there in no "intention to action or projection" Shido.

with the knee - shido
Dropping onto the knees (drop seoi) without unbalancing or intention of projection.

My initial thoughts are this...
Koka is gone, will this mean that small throws go without score, or will Yuko become the new Koka?

Osae Komi duration... shorter shorter shorter. The moment the duration was changed from 30 seconds to 25 I knew it would eventually become 20. So the question is where does it stop? And do we want to further shorten ne waza when MMA is full of ne waza and is growing so fast?

Kumi kata penalties. Well we'll see, maybe they are going to prevent excessive gripping and negative play... maybe.

Penalties for "flop n drop" seoi. Well it was there already, but being highlighted is probably good. Ditto for the penalty for dropping into sutemi waza with no intention of throwing.
These two I suspect are designed to "manage" the strategic play of Judoka who are up on points. A specific example would be the Fallon vs. Paischer match in Beijing. In that match Paischer played an excellent strategic match, dropping into a sumi gaeshi-like position over and over, preventing Craig Fallon from getting into the fight and securing him the win.

Hopefully these rule changes are designed to, and will help promote more positive throwing Judo. Of course as an old friend said via Facebook recently:
"...the reason the rules change is nothing to do with the progress of judo but rather to justify people meeting on a regular basis on expenses paid by members what would be the point of them meeting if they did not change the rules..."

Time will tell I suppose, please do comment on these rule changes and let me know what you think.


UPDATE: October 21 2008
I have posted a podcast you can listen to on this subject over at

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British Judo Association (BJA) disaster of the day... "Technical Update" 

Okay... maybe the title is wrong and this is not a disaster. Maybe this is just the BJA succeeding in it's evil plans to assassinate "The World of Judo" (or perhaps I am just a conspiracy theorist).

Over on the BJA side they have released/launched "Technical Update" ... Issue1.pdf which I think is supposed to replace Matside; the glossy magazine that (argueably) helped to kill Bob Willingham's "The World of Judo".

***Update: Okay, so this was not "Matside" the new magazine, it was a smaller coaching thing. Still the comments above and below remain valid.

Well, it's a complete mess. Go take a look. I think it was thrown together by someone from the 80's!!! It just looks terrible, the "articles" are tiny and pointless. I have no idea what they this was supposed to achieve.


I know I am a "BJA basher" (like a growing number of people), so I'm negative. But I am going to throw out some ideas here that could I think make this positive.

1) Drop the PDF format.
PDF just makes it harder for everyone involved, don't use it. Look, PDF is great if you have content you'd like maintain the style of the layout of a quality layout. This text is ugly as it is, so you would be better leaving it as another format, HTML anyone. Which leads to...

2) Turn it into a blog.
A blog would be index-able by Google. It would be able to be subscribed to via RSS, so people could get updates in their browser or RSS aggregator. It would also be able to be linked easily to in emails and from other websites. Of course I could include it on where a lot more people would see it.

3) Expand the articles fully, so they have something more useful. Those snippets in the PDF are useless. Have the full information available in seperate posts (on the blog) share more, get more people.

There are three positive spins on "BJA Technical Update", see I am not always negative.

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Visiting Camberley Judo Club. 

Camberley Judo Club
This week I had the opportunity to visit Camberley Judo Club and felt I should blog about it as it was really great. For the first time since I last visited the London Judokan, I had that "WOW, I'm here!" feelings. It's when I describe myself as being a "Judo Tourist", when I go somewhere and feel that buzz from the moment I arrive. That, hey this is cool, this is somewhere amazing.

For those of you who don't know Camberley, it has a special place in the history and hearts of British Judo. From their website:

Our record of success includes many Olympians, three junior world titles and medallists in the last four world championships. In total, 7 out of the last 13 World medals won by Breat Britain have come from Camberley based players.

It's permanent mat area and accommodation is home to and has been home to some of the best players Britain has ever produced.

On a personal note, I know three players who are/were "Camberley Players", Paul Jones, Steve Withers and current coach at Camberley; Luke Preston. I like all three guys, and have the utmost respect for all three's Judo and for them as people who have stayed in the sport beyond competition and are giving back to the sport in a big way.

Anyway.... I watched the junior session prior to the adults. It was interesting the level of physical conditioning included in the session. If you agree with the common argument that a large number of players entering the adult ranges of Judo are not prepared physically for the game; then the session was definitely going to prepare future players.

The adult session started with a game of touch rugby, flashing memories of the Judokwai in Auckland, New Zealand through my head. It was interesting stepping on the mat in my poor state of fitness with some serious players.

I suppose it supported the idea above that if you are not physically ready for the game, you are not going to win in Judo. I struggled to establish myself, could have done better if I had better strength and fitness I'd like to believe.

Sadly I'm a masochist (like all Judoka I suspect) and enjoyed it immensely!!

After the session I got to have a beer with Luke and Mark (Earle), it was great to sit and talk Judo with the man behind the club and the man beginning to carry the name forward. The Club and these guys are there working at the highest level in our sport, Olympic, and it was a pleasure and honour to be welcomed there.

So... thanks Mark, Luke and everyone there last Tuesday.


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Getting myself in trouble again... 

As regular readers will know, I have a big mouth and it gets me in trouble sometimes, and I suspect today is going to be another of those days.... you've been warned!

So, I decided to take a look at the BJA website again this evening( ). And it's been altered again and IMHO not for the better.

The site now is redering incorrectly in Firefox at least and looks pretty odd.

I have held for a long time that the site fails as it is not designed with the visitor in mind rather the association. I.e. it is not designed to be surfed by parents of kids in Judo (let alone having a site for the vast majority of members in the association who are Juniors!)

Having a website that is targeted to Kids would be awesome, and awesomely hard! So I can forgive them not having one. If they did decide to cater to a vast majority of their membership then taking a look at the BBCs kids sites might be an idea. And Disney of course.

Anyway... so I emailed the association tonight to vent my built up annoyance at the site, no doubt the email will go down like the proverbial lead balloon. I have made suggestions about the site before, never got a response from the association (no, thats not true the charman did respond and has even discussed the matter with me, to his credit. But he is not the association, nor is it his responsibility).

So I shall update this entry when (okay if) I get a reply and see how my moaning is received.

The email is below for reference.


I see the BJA website has had a few changes lately.
Front page has changed, the FIND A CLUB area has changed to a google maps search and back to the old layout again.

As I've expressed before, I think the website has lots of potential, but that it is completely failing to deliver.
I'd like to formally offer to help out on the website.

I would suggest a complete rebuild with visitors in mind rather than the BJA or the content management systems limitations.

Here would be my suggestion without giving it proper thought or knowing what the traffic statistics tell you about where visitors are going:


Basically as I think I have said to you informally, I would suggest breaking the site into three sections:

1. Start Judo
2. Doing Judo
3. Running Judo

With "Start Judo" being the default.

My front page layout would be one box on screen with these three items as large tabs across the top.
In the box initially, I would have an awesome picture (or maybe video) of some kids loving doing Judo, then a large search box saying "Find a local Judo Club".
Then a button to say "Learn more about Judo".
Thats it.

If the visitor were to click on the DOING JUDO tab, you get moved to a busier page with links to renewing you license, syllabus, etc etc etc

Choose RUNNING JUDO and you have your club info, coaching certification stuff etc.
It would I suspect be a busier page again.

These are my initial ideas a proper investigation would need to be done.

The point here is that the majority of those doing Judo are Juniors right? Yet the website is plain useless for this population or their parents.
The main thing you want the site to do (presumably) is get kids into Judo. So the path I see parents taking (beyond knowing a local club already) is googling Judo and maybe their postcode, town or county.
So if they hit the website, you need to make it very easy for these parents to get to the point where they know where a local club is and how to get their child in the class.

So the search box needs to take you to that google maps tool (now removed from the site), if they click on a club, they get taken to a page for that club populated with unique content about the club, it needs pictures, names, times, addresses, directions etc etc etc. The more content and unique content per club, the better that these club sites themselves will get high on Google for those search google direct. So if I type in "Judo mysmalltown" I should have a good chance of seeing a link direct to a quality club page for that club.

The front page is not in fact where you want people arriving, I suggest what you really want is them to arrive on a quality page about a local club to that parent that has enough information to allow that parent to take their child to Judo for the first time.


Anyway... that is my two cents, I officially offer to help. Heck I'll do it for free !!
I'll rope in al the clever web people I can and make an awesome site!
I'll talk to as many people as I can and make a site you can be proud of, which I am sorry is not the case at present.


UPDATE: September 9th 2008
Well, both the chairman and the the BJA office replied by email. Now the chairman I expected but I was pleasantly surprised to get a response form the office. This is the first time they have responded to a query of mine. heck they didn't even respond to me about the idea of using a Google maps mashup for the club search... and they implemented that (poorly, and have taken it off line again).

The office who I am pleased replied, but disapointed by the reply. It was a thinly veiled "go away" I feel.

Having had some time to think about this post and look at other sports sites, it is apparent to me that it is not just the BJA that have got it wrong. They seem to have all had the same design messes. Generic and without focus. I suppose that they all look at one anothers sites and as they are all similar they think they have it right.

The exception maybe is I really like the "FIND A:" bar in the center of the front page. It is a rather pleasant to look at site and I notice also the focus on Kids Judo. Kudos to the designers.

Maybe I need to setup a sports web design firm and make replacements for these dreadful things. Unless of course Fortune Cookie come looking for a Judo Geek. ;-)

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