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Okano in action 

Below (hopefully is some video of the great Japanese Judoka Okano fighting and interestingly training. I love that Morote Seoi -> Ko Uchi Gari combo!

It is well worrth noting the "Action / Reaction" way he executes the throw. His Uke does give a good defensive motion, making the Ko Uchi work. I also like the way Okano finishes the throws, driving hard.

P.s. yes the site has been down, looks to have been a DNS fault at my hosting company.
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Going all CC 

Cory Doctorow wins, I have been brainwashed and am taking all my site and efforts Creative Commons!

If you are not familiar take a nosey over at CC is a good way to protect your efforts whilst still making it available to others to do "stuff" with.

The aim of most everything on this site is for you to use it to improve your Judo, your club Judo, your Nations Judo, etc etc ect. So a CC license is perfect.

Anyway, there you go.
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Podcast test Two 

Hi All,
Heres another quick test of the podcast technology.

This time a machine read version of the statistical summary of the 2006 Commonwealth Judo Tournament.


Please do comment on your ability to see/hear the audio, etc.

SECOND ATTEMPT: ... 006cwt.mp3
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Joes Goals...testing 1 2 3 

Lance's Personal Score Badge

Heres a cool website which may have application for cash strapped Judoka & Coaches. Take a look.
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Podcast TEST 

As you know I am exploring the idea of setting up a podcast, so I have been playing about with methods and ideas.

To test to see if feedburner will handle it for me I have created a small mp3 of the research I did on Yamashita San.

So... lets see if this works.... ... ashita.mp3

[UPDATE - Friday 13th October]
Seems to work nicely from the feedburner feed at least. Anyone else tried it.
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