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Podcast progress... 

Hi all,

well the podcast idea is progressing steadily along and looks like it is going to bear fruit in about 2 weeks.

I am very happy to say that Stanislaw Sterkowicz (of the Special Judo Fitness Test) has agreed to talk about the test. We are hoping to record something next week, which I then hope to make available shortly afterwards. So, please do email me any questions you'd like to ask.

I am going to start developing some sort of plan as to what will be in the podcast. I'd really welcome volunteers to speak on the podcast, be you an international or local coach/player.

I'd like to get a full range of participants, high level elite coaches, the best kids coaches, scientists like Mr. Sterkowicz.

So "stay tuned" and please do email me if you have something to say or ask about the special judo fitness test.

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Grrr.... Don't buy Creative Hardware! 

Just spotted this story over on BoingBoing, Creative Labs shafts MP3 player owners with feature revocation

It's shocking how in the "hi tech" world, it is acceptable to take away customers features after purchase. To me this is just like if you bought a car to drive to work and a week later the manufacturer took away the breaks!

Anyway, the tale is this:

Creative Labs has "updated" two of its MP3 players in order to break their FM radio recorder features. If you bought your Creative device because it said, "Record FM radio!" on the box, you're shit outta luck now -- Creative just stole that value out from under your nose. Guess that means I'm not going to be buying anymore Creative devices.

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9500 Page Added 

Just for those of you more interested in my Geek life than my Judo life. I have just added a page to the site about how I use my Nokia 9500.

As those who know me will know, I made an effort a year or so ago to move to a sibgle central hub, which is my 9500 Mobile phone. I tend to use it for absolutely everything I can. From eMail to password storage. From eBooks to MP3s. From Diary to Wallet (really Wallet).

It is just an initial shot at it, but I'll put some more details in as time permits.

Let me know if you see any glaring errors.

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Okano in action 

Below (hopefully is some video of the great Japanese Judoka Okano fighting and interestingly training. I love that Morote Seoi -> Ko Uchi Gari combo!

It is well worrth noting the "Action / Reaction" way he executes the throw. His Uke does give a good defensive motion, making the Ko Uchi work. I also like the way Okano finishes the throws, driving hard.

P.s. yes the site has been down, looks to have been a DNS fault at my hosting company.
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Going all CC 

Cory Doctorow wins, I have been brainwashed and am taking all my site and efforts Creative Commons!

If you are not familiar take a nosey over at CC is a good way to protect your efforts whilst still making it available to others to do "stuff" with.

The aim of most everything on this site is for you to use it to improve your Judo, your club Judo, your Nations Judo, etc etc ect. So a CC license is perfect.

Anyway, there you go.
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