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Paying the bills

Exclamation mark Blog by Lance Wicks - A request... 

I have just posted the following email on the podcast mailing list ( here ) for the podcast ( ). I would very much like to hear from blog readers who have questions also.


Hi All,

firstly a quick apology for the silence emanating from website.
Life and complications in scheduling interviews has meant I have not managed to record any podcasts lately.
This is about to change and I'd like your help.

Next week I leave for my regular two week stint at University of Bath, attending the Judo specific degree course in Sports Performance.
It may well be my last visit as this is the final block in my course. (I however am hoping to return for the BSC course)

My plan is to record some of the keynote lectures and also to record some interviews with my fellow students.
I am thinking of doing a "montage" type podcast all about the course, getting peoples opinions, impressions, etc.
Focusing mainly on we the first cohort of students to complete the entire course, but also getting a view from those that follow in our footsteps.

So, this is where you come in...

Please forward me ( ) whatever questions you might have about the course.
I'll endeavour to ask my fellow students, the lecturers and admin staff and try and get some good answers.

So, if you have a nagging question, fire away!

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US Judo Podcast goes FREE!!! 

Mike & Gene have announced that they are taking free.

They are closing their subscription system so you can all access their excellent podcasts for free!!

If you've not visited before, you should. I listened to the interview with Ann-Maria and Rhonda the other day in the car and it was excellent! I can't wait to drive to work in the morning as I see they have posted another episode, this time on starting a club, I know it'll be interesting!

So yes, head over to right now and take a listen, while you are at it don't forget the little european Judo podcast I started as a direct decendant and with the help and encouragement of Mike & Gene.

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OJU World Cup 

One of my old coaches Pat Mahon just sent me some info about the Oceania World Cup event in November. I would LOVE to be there, anyone wanna sponsor me? :)


Anyone in Australia in November should look at and consider attending and supporting another world cup event.

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University of Bath posts coming soon.... 

In just under two weeks I shall be returning to University of Bath for (possibly) the last time.

As per usual I shall be blogging the entire time, sharing my opinionated views to those bored enough to read them!

I would be interested in any questions on what people have about this Judo specific degree course. Let me know what you want to know.

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My Little Judo lady! 

I had a rather beutiful moment with my daughter this weekend. We had our first Judo session with us both in gi.

I play with my kids in my dojo now and then, they like to throw themselves about and it took them about 3 seconds to work out the floor does not hurt out there. So on Saturday a good friend sent through two suits for my twins, amazing little Essimo suits with this cute little cartoon Judoka on them.

So after allowing myself to be badgered into it, I went out and played Judo with Cassie. We had a ball, it has been one of the highlights for me in their short lives. I suppose all Judo parents have that desire to be on the tatami with their kids. So it was a huge "tears in my eyes" moment for me!

Cassie really wanted to go to "real Judo" so we took her and here brother to the local club tonight. Just to be turned away at the door as they don't have any kids as young/small as mine.

It is a symptom perhaps of the trend in British Judo to have clubs running out of sports centres. They rent by the hour, and facilities are booked pretty tight, so they don't have the time to have a young kids class.

Personally, I think it is a real shame as my two are just reaching the point where their motor skills are getting good. That stage where they are clode to choosing sports to participate in.

Unlike other sports (that they are involved in), Judo structures things to start at 6 (basically) years in the BJA as a start age. Quite late I feel, my kids will have been in school for 1-2 years before Judo will accept them.

Luckily Daddy will probably start actually holding regular classes soon, which may include a young kids class for the sake of my two if no one else. :)

So ups and downs. Full credit to my twins for handling not being able to join the "real judo" with grace despite being very disapointed.

But what a high, letting your daughter execute a beutiful Ippon Seoi Nage on you for the first time in her first Judogi. Standing Seoi by the way, not some drop seoi rubbish! ;)

Video footage shall follow.


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