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I got GOLD!!!! :) 

So, instead of coaching today, I ended up fighting in a team event between Gosport Judo Club and Le judo club de Royan from France who visited Gosport this weekend.

I was roped in to fight one of their Dan grades and got the gold. Of course, so did he, as we got a draw. It really highlighted for me the complete lack of fitness I have and the importnace conditioning has on the sport of Judo.

I basically found I could not execute any sort of technique, in fact (if I am honest) I could not execute standing up in a good posture! :) Breathing was also a bit of an achievement!

As some of you are aware, I have been running a bit of late, in fact I went for what was a 2 mile run this morning (thinking I was just coaching later). I can assure everyone, that one 3 minute Judo match is much MUCH harder than 2 miles running.

It was great fun, and it is always a pleasure to meet fellow Judoka from overseas. The highlight of the day was I think the first fight. Blue Belt from Gosport versus a much smaller Green belt from Royan. But boy could that wee man fight! And with technique also! It was a pleasure to watch.

It was also a pleasure to have my kids with me today, my daughter actually was given my Medal rather than me! (I took her up with me) And it was presented by the Deputy Mayor no less!

I am now sat outside in the sun, as my son has a little sleep and my Daughter plays in her playhouse with her mum. Life is good huh!

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Coaching this Saturday. 

I shall be coaching a session this Saturday in Gosport, please let me know if you are interested in coming along. The more the merrier!

Like the session I took the other week, this is another French/English session with a club visiting from France. I am told there are more adults this time I gather, so will require less manic energy and more thought (perhaps). :)

It'll be good to do "something different" for these folks.

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On Friday I interviewed Ken & Malcolm of the book "Creative Teaching for Judo" for which went really well, despite some phone problems.

I shall edit it this week and try and get it online for next weekend.

Next weekend I have been invited to teach again in Gosport/Portsmouth, which shall be fun. It is another English and French session, I understand that this one has more seniors than last weekends awesome session with all those kids.

This weekend I was supposed to attend a session with Andrew Moshanov, unfortunately I was unable to make it and am sat in the sun on a lovely evening instead, wondering how Mike got on in his competition.

I have also updated with a new article on what to look for in a Judo club. And added the feed from that site to and of course adding a post here at

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Guest coach for 3 clubs! 

Saturday morning was a great for me, I coached a session for a friendship visit from a French Judo Club to two local English clubs.

Judo Club Audrieu was visiting the Gosport Judo Club and Holbrook Judo Clubs over near Portsmouth. (Last year these clubs visited them in France.

I was invited, to show something "a little different" and hopefully that was the result. I really enjoyed it, it was much bigger than I thought it would be 60 rather than maybe 20 people.

I did the now infamous "Boing Boing" warm up. I also included the Dinky Do - Dinky Da Uchi Mata and obviously lots of other stuff. Including the "mental" stuff around entering the mat area and so forth I did with the Navy all that time ago.

It was great fun with the youngsters, I enjoyed it more than you can imagine!

I've been invited to coach another guest visit in a couple weeks, also in Gosport. So hopefully that means I did a good job on Saturday, not just had a good time.

Anyway... Thanks to everyone who was there, and for being invited to coach, it was a pleasure!

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Another podcast in the works. 

It's late here (very), but I just wanted to update to say that I have just finished recording a new podcast with Martin Bregman & Mike Darter all about refereeing.

It was a great fun to record and will be available from this weekend under the title "The Dark side of the force" or "Shooting players", I havn't decided which. ;)

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