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World Judo Masters 2008 Training - Week 28/48.  

Hi All,

This week has been a pretty good one, I am getting things sorted for the world masters.
You know budget, flights, accommodation, etc. I am hoping to book everything up this week. I am hoping to go with three other people and make ourselves into a small team. I spoke with people this week about how I am hoping to make this trip a bit special and more enjoyable and unique... details will follow. :-)

So... this week I got out there and did some good training. Both clubs I trained at this week seem to be on a conditioning phase. Which is a bonus for me as I am technically in a endurance phase for the next 4 weeks. So Paul's session (Monday) and the session Derek and Steve took (Thursday) which were both pretty heavy going and pretty good going.

Tuesday I got out for a 3 and a bit mile run, which was great even though the heavens opened about 2 minutes in and I got drenched! I felt pretty healthy and did an okay pace. Saturday, I got out and did a 5.8 mile run! The best bit was I felt good all the way round, now (real) pain in my left achilles, maybe the training is starting to work.

This week has been interesting, the thought processes and discussion around the trip to Brussels in June have been really interesting and my enthusiasm is growing.
My thought/plan is to try and put some things together that will make the trip really exciting. It will all depend on what happens in the next few weeks and mainly on budgets, but if it comes together... it'll be really cool!

Anyway, I really enjoyed training this week, I am looking forward to being more capable over the following weeks.

As I said above, the past couple of weeks and the next few are all about building (maybe repairing is more accurate) my base fitness. So, longer sessions, with a low-medium intensity is ideal. Of course as my base fitness is so low, the intensity is probably too high technically. ;-)
Anyway... it is probably worth noting that when you make plans and try and follow "the science" you need to balance the perfect plan against reality and imperfection. So although arguably, I should be keeping the intensity lower, having it a bit higher is something you just need to work around.

On the Judo side, I have been working Ippon Seoi this week, and by the end of the Thursday session it was feeling pretty comfortable, it would have been nice to have had the technical session on Wednesday I had planned and worked on it some more. But, as above, you can only do what you can do.

I am looking forward to next week, I'll let you know how I get on. :)
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Awesome Judo Promo Video. 

This video is a terrific promo for Judo, two guys doing Judo on the end of a wharf.

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I love this Tee, wonder if I can get it here? 

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World Judo Masters 2008 Training - Week ?/48. 

Hi all, so welcome to week... I dunno I'll work it out eventually, but anyway, I am getting back into the training after the Christmas break and thought I had better start back to the blogging.

So last week, just been, I did no running. :(
and Three Judo sessions. :)

The hard thing about being older and out of shape is that everything is harder than it used to be. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks it'll get easier.

I spent some time last weekend working on "The Plan", okay quite a bit of time. It is much easier now I am closer to the goal, and I added considerable metrics, as I am a bit geeky. So, I have weekly targets for Uchi Komi, Nage Komi, Running.

This week also I launched in beta at least, which is great and I am looking forward to seeing how it goes. One final thing is that I just posted another podcast over at

Effective, gotta love it!

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Hi all, this/last week I launched a site I am developing to promote competition for those people who don't go to competitions.

On the Real World Judo League (RWJL), you register an account and then tell all your friends at your club. Then they register too. Once you've done that you decide to have a "fight" and create a fight on the site. Basically, you just put your name and the person you are going to fight.

Then go fight, referee it yourself or get someone else to do it.

Then both of you have to record the result of the fight. You also get to leave a comment on how the fight went. Okay, if you disagree as to who won, well, nothing happens. You both have to agree the result first, once you do, the cool stuff happens.

Once you both agree, a result is recorded and points are awarded. I am using a system called the ELO system. Which is used by Chess and a variation in the XBox live system. ELO awards ranking points based on the expected result, so if you beat someone well below you, it awards only a small number of points. If alternatively you beat a much higher ranked player, you earn lots of points! :)

At the moment the system is BETA, in that I want you to test it out.
Let me know what you think of it, let me know any problems you have.
You will notice that the system is "bare bones" in that there is very little in the way of options, features, etc. This is by design, I decided to try and build something really simple and then add stuff as and when people want it.

So, let me know what you think.

Sign up, tell your friends, have fights, record them on and lets see how it goes. I have thoughts of running sub leagues for countries, areas, clubs, groups of friends. If that sounds cool, please let me know.

Thanks all,

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