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University of Bath, Bsc Block 3, Day 9. 

Day 9, the end is nigh!

Today started with Diego taking us through a critique of an academic paper. The top bloke that he is, he brought chocolate! It was good to go through a structure to critique academic papers, we have an assignment that includes doing that so it was very good.

Later Juergen Kilnger soke with us about Player/Coach relationships. I really like Juergen and his way of looking at Judo and coaching. The lecture was good, he has a quite clear and concise view/opinion on how you should respect the players you work with.

Later still we had a lecture with Gavin Reynoldson, looking at how we need to do our assignment critiqueing academic papers. We have not had Gavin before so always good to meet a new tutor.

Last (and most enjoyable), we had our meal out together in Bath. We went to what I gather is the old train station. We had a very pleasant evening with all the students from all the 5 years. We also received certificates signed by Jane Bridge-Charlot, Mike Callan and Kosei Inoue.

Tomorrow is my final day in Bath, not quite the end as we have a thousands of words to write, but the end of the residential block. Ulp!

Nothing more to report right now, expect more melodrama and melancholy tomorrow. :-)
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