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The Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano book by Brian Watson. 

This week I was very fortunate to receive direct from japan a copy of Brian N. Watson's book "Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano" which is available to order in the USA , and UK (think of Christmas people).

Now with my recent podcast recording with Yves Cadot on the Writing of Kano in my mind, I sat down and browsed this book.

The book is based on the interviews Jigoro Kano gave to Torahei Ochiai, which have been translated by Mr. Watson.

I suspect this is the single best book in English available if you are interested in the opinions of Jigoro Kano. It covers a really broad range of areas a small subset (as mentioned by Neal of in his positive review of the book on Amazon are:

Establishment of the Kodokan
Pain is a Good Teacher
My Study of Kito Jujutsu
The Inspiration for Seiryoku Zenyo
The Kodokan Oath
Correct Randori Posture
Competitive Judo
Kodokan's First Foreign Trainees
Kodokan Ascendancy
The Ideal Judo Instructor
Itsutsu no Kata
Purpose of the Judokai
Ju no Kata and Go no Kata
Benefiting Oneself and Others

In my review on amazon I mentioned the Glossary, as I was pleasantly surprised by the contents there. Not only are some of the words defined, many of the people mentioned in the book have small summaries in the glossary too. This was really a great find, as it gave context to many of the names who are important figures in the history of Judo of course.

I have only browsed the book so far, and am just about to start reading it cover to cover. As it is broken down into articles, it is quite easy to pick up for a short period, get something useful out of it and put it down again. Once I have read it properly I shall review it again here, but on first impressions, I have to say this book should be in EVERY Judo persons library!

Finally I must thank Brian (and Neal) for my advance copy of the book. I feel immensely honored to be given the privilege to see the book early! Many Thanks!


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