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Judo... quick to change in some areas, not in others. 

In Judo, competition techniques change fast. What was working last year does not work this year. In the clubs yu see techniques being changed fast and regularly. We see stylistic changes regularly too.

So Judo people are rightly known as adaptable. Yet in other area we are so slow to change it is frightening!

I run my Judo podcast which was not my idea, it was Mike's idea, I just created a European version of his Judo Podcast. And to be frank, both Mike and I, were late to the party. Karate and Aikido had podcasts before we started ours.

Yet, here we are in late 2008 and there are still only 2 Judo podcasts. I started mine after Mike and mine started in 2006! And there are still just the two podcasts. Why? Is podcasting a bad idea? Is sharing expert knowledge with as many people as possible a bad idea? Yet there remain only two podcasts on Judo? Why are we not adapting?

Thoughts of Temjin 2
I have been blogging about Judo for years, roughly 2003 I think I started. Yet 5 years later there are only 70 odd blog feeds I have tracked down. Not exactly a huge number! What tiny percentage of the global Judo community is that?

I have given a lecture on "Coaching Digital Natives" ( ... al-natives ) to Judo coaches here in the UK. It was quite flattering and very rewarding that many of the Judo people in the lecture have now started blogs, Facebook groups etc (I am also giving the lecture again at the end of the month for the BJA by the way).

So change is possible... I have not given up hope for Judo, despite what some people may think from my cynical posts. I personally have met some great people doing awesome things. They are doing new and exciting things, and they are working!

But... they are doing it outside of the system. As individuals Judoka seem to be adaptable. But perhaps it is the associations/federations that are not adaptable.

Maybe this should be the focus of our attentions?
Maybe we should be driving forward new ideas deep into the hearts of our governing bodies? Maybe instead of doing cool new things, people should stop doing that and attend meetings? Maybe we should all show up on mass at the next commission/sub-committee meeting and cause some waves?

I don't think so. The "shock absorber" bureaucracy that is associations, meetings, commissions might be too much for us to overcome and worse the innovtors might be sucked into the mediocracy!

So what to do?
Well... here is my thought, lets seek out the innovators, the radicals. Seek them out and encourage them. Tell them they are "fighting the good fight" and support them 110%. Better yet find ways to get them together. Together in person, together online. And promote there ideas where ever and however we can.

...and then you can have ice cream! :-)

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