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University of Bath, Bsc. EJU Level 5 - Block 1, Day 8.  

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday my twins.... Happy Birthday to you!
(It is my twins birthday today)

So here I am sitting in my room, blogging when I should be at home with my whanau (family). There is a definite part of me that will be very pleased when I run out of courses to do at Bath. I missed my kids a lot today especially in the early evening after calling home. :(

Anyway... I was rescued by a nice evening with some of my fellow students. It pulled me up from a bit of a down mood.I am a Judo person, being with Judo people cheers me up. I wonder if all sports are like this, I presume Judo is not unique in that I can sit with a group of Judoka and feel immediately comfortable. The camaraderie of Judo is something I suspect is not common in the "real world".

I did, I think, last year describe the Judo world as a "Whanau". Which as the Wikipedia put is is the New Zealand/Maori word for "extended family". even in my first year here at University of Bath, in my first block, in my first days, felt comfortable with peole on the course in ways that most people feel only in their immediate family. If only we could market the feeling you get around Judoka, then Judo would be huge!!

Anyway... enough waxing lyrical about such airy things, down to the nitty gritty of the course here at Bath.

Today... well today was pretty light and pretty darn good.
We only had two formal lectures this morning and the afternoon was dedicated to "Self Study" and "Tutorials". Which means basically all afternoon for me was spent dredging the internet looking for journal articles relating to my research project. WHich was actually quite productive, I have a good number (100+) of articles in my "to review" folder, which I will scan and narrow down to maybe 70 articles and will hopefully use about 50 of them in the literature review I need to have done by the 16th of April. (not long!)

Our two lectures this morning were a relaxed session with Patrick Roux about our assessment assignments for him. We have to produce three videos and a booklet of Judo fundamental technical skills which are due on the 2nd of May. I to be honest have not even really considered how to put this together as I am really focussed on the literature review and the finance paper. So it was good to get a clearer view of what is expected from us for that assignment.

Afterwards, Bob Willingham gave a keynote lecture about his work producing his PHD thesis and book "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat". As you can imagine (if you know Bob from his formar role as IJF photographer), the book and his lecture were packed solid with amazing photos of Judoka. The book and his PHD was produced by Bob interviewing medalists from the Athens Olympic games about their experience in the event.

The lecture was full of amazing anecdotes he gained both from doing the interviews and from the interviews themselves. The book and his lecture are a real insight into the Olympic level athlete, something not many of us will ever get to experience firsthand unfortunately.

Bob has recently stopped publishing "The World Of Judo" magazine and ceased to be the official photographer of the IJF. Bob has also agreed (prior to today) to come on (or ) and talk about the amazing things he has seeen and photographed in the Judo world. So as soon as I can get organised to to that with Bob, I shall let you all know.

Tomorrow (Thursday), we have lectures from Katrina McDonald and Andrew Moshanov, which should be good and more time to work on our research and other assignments. In the evening we, I believe, are supposed to meeting the mayor of Bath at a formal "do". not sure if I'll attend, I'm a jeans and tee-shirt kind of person afterall, we shall see. I am not sure how many peopple have the appropriate atire for the occasion and I don't think any of us are entirely sure what one wears to meet the mayor?!?!

So all in all a good productive day, Bob;s lecture would have to be the highlight of the day. That said, getting stuck into finding journal articles around my research topic was disturbingly rewarding. The downer, I guess is being away from home on my kid's birthday. :( But saved partially by the great people here.

Okay, last and definitely not least, if you get five minutes check out you have probably heard about "Camberley" if you live in the UK or are in the Commonwealth in particular. It is one of those places that is international renown and I have been remiss in not mentioning it. I perhaps get blinded by University of Bath's amazing programme and foget to mention places like Camebrley and of course Edinburgh here (and of course Wolverhampton). Anyway, I feel better now having linked to Camberleys website.

Till tomorrow (only 2 days to go of this block),

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