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FDSC Year 3, Block 2, Day 2. 

Today was sunny! Brilliant change of weather given the recent rubbish rain and flooding etc here in the UK. So I spent almost the entire day indoors in lectures!

Today started with Kate Eddy on mental skills development (sport psychology). It was a good session which I enjoyed. We did quite a bit of group work in threes and fours, discussing the topics around mental skills for Judo athletes. About the demands on a Judoka mentally speaking. Really interesting topic, with great discussion.

An interesting area we discussed and perhaps it was off topic was dieting and eating disorders in Judo. It was around this thing that we talk a lot about how crash dieting and losing weight through dehydration etc is bad. Yet, as one person said "..I've never met an Olympic medalist who has not lost weight (crash dieted) to make weight...".

The train of thought it led me along was, that perhaps we (judo generally) talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. In that we (again speaking generally here) say that crash dieting and weight cycling is bad and invite nutritionists etc to tell our athletes not to do it. Yet, it would appear that A)its not working as athletes are still doing it and B)The elite players do it and succeed.

So... What to do? Do we do more to tackle the problem and change this? Or do we perhaps classify it as a risk of the sport and educate and monitor our athletes as to how to do it with the minimum of risk?

If we are going to stop it, then perhaps we need to get rid of weight categories? Or have several weigh ins over a period of days/weeks/months to ensure that athletes are not losing excess amounts of weight.

or...And I don't suggest that this is the right thing to do.
Do we accept and develop our weight management strategies with our athletes? Do we be honest about the situation and tackle it openly, perhaps embrace it?

I don't have a clue how you might go about this alternative approach, personally I think it's better to change the way the sport is structured to prevent the need/urge to diet.

So after that we had Sara Hale again, who continued our lectures on Notational analysis. Specifically covering some notation systems for Hockey and Rugby. Fortunately for me (or perhaps not) I knew much of what she was covering as I had done lots of reading last year before doing my notation research at the commonwealths. So perhaps I found it a bit dryer and harder to stay focussed on than perhaps everyone else.

After lunch the day continued with an interesting session with Tommy Mortenson about fight analysis. He had some really interesting things to talk about and I really enjoyed speaking with him afterwards as we were able to talk in a little detail about what sort of data he had examined and what he thought was useful. Which again fitted well with my interests in statistics for Judo. Unfortunately he was not able to share some of the spreadsheets and the data he had collected in the past as at some point in the past his computer had been infected and it was all lost! :(

Finally, Steve Gawthorpe took a Ne-Waza session, which was excellent (although I decided to stay off the mat as I am trying to let my ankle recover from the sprain I received during the Winchester 5KM last week).

Steve, is one energetic guy and his ne-waza looked scary! Glad I was not his Uke! :) It would be excellent to see more of his work and to prise more of his thoughts out of him.

This evening I am trying to stay in the room and get some work done on my assignments, it's pretty darn crowded, our first piece of work is due in on Friday, then we have assignments due in everyday next week!!!! :(

My brain may expire!

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