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New term: Judo Advisor 

Judo Advisor

I love this term, which I have adapted from, who Just ran the Boston Marathon. His coach uses the term "Marathon Advisor" rather than coach. I really like it, maybe we should be "Ippon Advisors"?

Judo advisor, works well in the Judo context. We could do with a bunch of them in the sport. People who advise us, but don't want the title coach. It really is what I see my role as quite often, especially when dealing with internet based realtionships with players.

I have for a long time liked to make a clear line between Judo Coach and Judo Instructor, now I think I'll add Judo Advisor. As I see it here are the definitions, please do weigh in with your opinions.

Judo Instructor
This is someone who teaches the techniques to a student or students. I personally think this is what a vast majority of Judo "coaches" are doing most of the time.

Judo Coach
Someone who helps a player refine their skills. This is NOT me showing you how I did Uchi Mata when I was a player. This is much harder than instructing, this is me helping you find your own unique Uchi Mata.

Judo Advisor
This is someone who helps you (the player) make decisions about their career, their technique, etc. Perhaps an experienced former player? Perhaps a sports scientist? Maybe just someone with a knack of helping others think straight.

Well those are my definitions for today, like all things they will morph and change. But change is good.
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