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Bath University - Year Three, Day 1 

Hi All,

Well, I am back at the University of Bath on my Foundation Degree in Sports Performance (FDSC) Judo Block Route.

As always, I shall try and blog everyday to say what happened and share some of what I learn and experience on the course. There is some problem with the internet connections in our rooms, so all posts (for now at least) will need to be done in the library, so I may have some issues getting the posts out. (Also, no Skype allowed at the University, so I shan't be online in skypeland, try looking for me with any of my other instant messaging accounts, or email me.

Today was pretty easy going, after our initial get together and introduction we had an hour and a half light training with Juergen Klinger (who I might add has been a guest on ).

later we were fortunate to have a Keynote lecture from Juergen.
In his keynote he discussed working with elite (Olympic gold medal level) athletes.

It was a good lecture where he shared some great reflections on players and his relationships with them. He is obviously quite an ethical person I think and believes in being very close with an athlete and being involved not only in their Judo but in their lives as well.

He talked about the top players having a "NEED" to succeed, a NEED to win, a NEED to get the medals. He mentioned this in the context of that being what makes the difference between technically good and being the best.

He also spoke about players losing that need, be it through completion of their goals and career. Or through other aspects of the person filling that need, for example someones career satisfying them.

It was very thoughtful and insightful stuff.

We also were given some information on the Honours top-up year that some of us will be able to enroll for next year. This would give us (I believe) a full BSC.
If I can drag my grades higher I would love to do this, partially because I just want to keep coming. But mainly because a goodly chunk of the credits for the course would need to come from a research project, which is very much where I feel I want to be right now.

I would like to take the research I did at the Commonwealth Tournament last year, build upon it and perhaps repeat the work at more events and use that as my research project. Especially haven spoken to Emerson & Stanislaw on the podcast, I feel really enthusiastic and encouraged to do Judo research!

All I have to do is magic my way on the honours year now!!

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