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March 2005 

March 31, 2005
Day Four - Science is fab!

By LanceW

Lunchtime now so a quick update on how the morning went. Judo first thing with Neil Adams, not bad, but unclear what the learning outcomes were supposed to be. The second session was a lecture by Debbie Palmer on energy systems. Another good lecture, I love sports science. Shame that their research is not published yet, but will be at Cairo apparently. This afternoon, we continued work on the stats project. Working myself on identifying the NZ #1 -73kg fighter, really interesting especially when trying to factor in things that would affect the outcomes. Specifically, top players being out of NZ competing, and worse then not showing up on international results as they did not place. Also factors like is winning the South Island champs worth the same as the NZ champs or North Island champs. Friday looks good as we have Simon Hicks talking about fight notation methodology and video analysis.

* Posted on: Thu, Mar 31 2005 4:55 PM

March 30, 2005
Day three - Improving

By LanceW

Hi all, Pleased to say that the FDSc course is improving. Today we had an excellent lecture from Debbie Palmer on hydration and on weight loss. Confirming what we all know that the classic dehydration way of making weight is very bad in both the short and longterm for Judoka. The evidence she presented showed clearly the immediate performance degradation (with a quite typical Judoka weight loss through dehydration creating a near 20% decrease in performance in strength and cardiac output. Of course with every high there is a low. Oh crikey the library session hurt!! Bored to the painful level. Neil Adams took the Judo segment, which was interesting-ish. Judo-wise very much what we would expect roll over arm lock etc. But the plus was the personal perspectives which were refreshingly honest. Also his emphasis on skill being paramount for elite Judoka and movement and momentum being key in regard to actual tachi (and ne) waza. Finally, that dodgy Daniel Lascou hid my damn Pizza and worse attempted to interfere with my ingestion of a pint of much needed beer! :)

* Posted on: Wed, Mar 30 2005 9:36 PM

March 28, 2005
Day One Part 2

By LanceW

Well, the second Judo session with Tony McConnell was well okay. Abit much training and not enough teaching for me but kets let time be the judge. I know I am not the only person to share some reservations about todays sessions. Overall, so far the coaches have seemed to agree generally with what I have been saying on Which is nice, sad in ways that it seems to be being presented as the latest thought in the Judo world. All in all a good opening day, the next few days will decide if it was worth attending I suppose. This evening was the typical Judo evening out. FANTASTIC! Such a diverse group of Judoka all out and having fun! So, the morning brings a Judo session with Roy Inman and Weights with zTony Mcconnell. Hmmm. Then later in the week sessions with Neil Adams and Kenzo Nakamura, should be good. Please emailme your thoughts.

* Posted on: Mon, Mar 28 2005 11:19 PM

Day One

By LanceW

Have now completed the first lecture and Judo session with Roy Inman. Very happy with the lecture, focussing on what elite level coaching is all about. That being to give support and structure to your player. Interesting review of Japanese methods. Judo session was interesting, mainly work on combinations and counters. So combination in the same or similar directions and those in opposite directions. Counters focussing, on those that are reaction based and those that are traps set for the opponent. All good stuff though less interesting as it is repetition of stuff you learn as a player. (Or should learn) All in all good stuff.

* Posted on: Mon, Mar 28 2005 2:29 PM

March 27, 2005
Arrived at Bath

By LanceW

Well, I have arrived and settled into the "Athletes Training Village" here at University of Bath. Not really done much more than get a room and card etc. But am hoping to catch up with some others and head out for a meal. Tommorow the course starts in earnest with four "Sports Performance" sessions with Roy Inman and Tony Macconnell. Am looking forward to it greatly!

* Posted on: Sun, Mar 27 2005 6:20 PM

March 22, 2005
Degree coaching course in Bath

By LanceW

Much to my suprise and joy, I have somehow earned a place on the three year coaching course at University of Bath in association with the European Judo Union!

This is an amazing opportunity for me, the calibre of teaching and fellow students is really impressive and I look forward to seeing if it lives up to my expectations. I do worry a little about the course as I have a deep down worry about the attitude towards coaching by a heck of a lot of people I see doing the job.

I have a 2 week residential block starting on the 28th of March, which is followed by "homework" assignments and another two weeks later in the year. With the same process happening over all three years.

I intend to Blog quite heavily about the course as
1) I think its interesting to the Judo community and
2) It will help me crystalise what I learn.

* Posted on: Tue, Mar 22 2005 10:50 AM

Buddy Buzz

By LanceW hosts a wonderful bit of software for your Java enabled phone. I've been using it for a while now and found it really good.

BuddyBuzz is a great bit of software that displays text on your mobile really fast. So you can speed read basically. The rate starts at about 300 words per minute but you can speed it up or down to suit yourself.

There are some interesting articles there automatically, but better you can upload your own text and read that. Recently I read an article about a similar type of service in Japan where you can read books, well this is a great FREE way to do it yourself.

The project seems to be dead/slow/??? but the software is working and easy to use. It seems that hardly anyone is using it, so I thought I'd plug it here a bit. Give it a go!

* Posted on: Tue, Mar 22 2005 10:43 AM

March 16, 2005
iPod shuffle

By LanceW

Just to catch me out, my wife bought me a 1GB iPod shuffle!
So I guess I won't be keeping as many MP3s on my phone now!

The shuffle is tiny!!
So far, I am loving it!!

* Posted on: Wed, Mar 16 2005 2:50 PM

Nokia 9500 - Good first impression

By LanceW

I have recently purchased a Nokia 9500 communicator mobile phone and am really happy with it so far!

As with all new toys I have had a few problems and made a fewe messes but on the whole it has been one of my better purchases.

So what to say about this "beast".
First up, my situation. I have in the past used PDAs but was using a paper based system. I had a SE T610 mobile and an old Rio 300PMP MP3 player.
So the 9500 seemed a good way to do some convergence. I have always liked the idea of the communicator and the addition of 802.11b wireless really clinched it for me. So off I went and got one.

I have mine on Vodafone (although they come open for any network), as part of my goal is/was to get away from O2 who I can say are awful!!

So after initially getting the phone to collect my personal emails I also have it collect my work ones. It was all really simple and works over wifi or GPRS without any hassle.

After some good searching I also have the following apps installed:
AgileMessenger - Which allows me to have instant messaging anywhere!
AutoMail - Which solves the one negative about emails on the 9500. This app, downloads your emails every hour automatically.
BuddyBuzz - Which is a fab speed reading tool!
VNC - So I can see remote desktops

I tried to install Putty for the 9500 so I could SSH into machines, but couldn't get it to work.

There is less software/freeware available for the 9500 than I might like. The series 80 OS is less popular than Series 60, so their is less software.

The 9500 has a solid calender software which I am now happily using.
MP3s can be played, although the interface is a bit ugly and lacking in features. It works perfectly though.
You can also watch videos via Real Player (and some other althernatives) which is handy for Judo videos. My next project is to put some gokyo clips on it.

So... My phone, diary, contacts, emails, instant messages, Music & videos are all available to me anywhere now!

Well worth the effort!!

I shall blog more on this as I progress.

* Posted on: Wed, Mar 16 2005 2:48 PM

March 9, 2005
Fame Academy Addict!

By LanceW

I've been keeping this quiet, but I have to come clean!

I am a Fame Academy Addict!!!!!!!!

Primarily because Adrian Edmondson is a comic genius, its all for a good cause so spend a bit a dosh of keeping him in there!!
Vote for him by calling 09011 211 206 OR text "VOTE ADRIAN" to 60077

(UK only)

* Posted on: Wed, Mar 9 2005 9:05 PM

March 7, 2005
1 week coaching programme.

By LanceW

When you get an assignment to coach a team for a week, leading up to a tournament, what can you do in that time?

What you can't do is teach them any new throws. In fact this is often the worst thing you can do as they might be foolish enough to try it in the competition!

You can't just "work them hard" as if they are sore, tired or worse yet injured you have made things worse!

So... what do you do?
Share some different perspectives on Judo, and assist them to develop a "game plan" for the competition. This will hopefully allow the players to teach themselves somethings about their own Judo and also focus them on the competition ahead, building their confidence and feeling of being prepared.

This sort of environment is not the place to be an "instructor" and try and teach the players new exciting techniques you know. You need to put your "coach" hat on and focus on trying to get the players to improve their way of fighting.

In my recent stint with the Royal Navy I shared several ideas and new perspectives all built around the idea of encouraging the players to adopt a simple plan/strategy for each (and every) fight.
The strategy is as follows:

* Bow
* Grip
* Move
* Attack1
* Attack2
* Ne-waza follow-up

It is a simple plan, which is applicable to the mix of levels in attendance. During the week we covered various movement patterns and throwing theories. But the backbone was the strategy above.

Although I demonstrated with primarily Taio, I was not actually ever teaching Taio or any other throw, grip or ne-waza technique. I was trying to expose the team to a variety of methods and styles which they then could adopt.

By adopting a approach of opening up new ideas, we were able to help the players to discover refinements to their existing techniques. These added to what they already had much practise at and hence were not dangerous new techniques they were not overly familiar with.

Ideally, the concepts would be introduced earlier and with more repetition over time. As we discussed during the week, the idea was to get the players to create their own unique sequence of techniques from Grip to Ne-waza. This technique would be second nature to them, so that with 30 seconds on the clock, in a state of exhaustion and possible concussion, they would excecute the strategy almost on auto-pilot.

Obviously over the course of one short week it is not possible to fully embed this idea. But you can plant the seeds whilst some refinements are made to existing technique.
Also, the work on a planned sequence and strategy builds confidence, which is an essential fuel to victory.

So... there you have it.
COmments are as always welcomed!

* Posted on: Mon, Mar 7 2005 2:01 PM

March 6, 2005
Royal Navy Judo

By LanceW

Well folks,
Back after a week at HMS Nelson with the Royal Navy Judo Team. A enjoyable rewarding week with a great bunch of people!

The inter-services competition was held on Saturday and although the Navy team didn't do as well as one might have hoped I was pleased that everyone gave it their all and performed really well!

The training itself focussed on development rather than trying to teach them stuff they already knew. Over the next week I shall write a couple of things on...

1) What we worked on and
2) The abismal referees at the competition!

Finally to the RN Team, many thanks, I really enjoyed getting to know you all and look forward to seeing you again. (Sorry I missed the social!)


* Posted on: Sun, Mar 6 2005 2:46 PM

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