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University of Bath, Judo BSc. Block 2, Day 3.  

Hi Everyone, day three of the block and a good one too.

The day started with a key keynote Lecture with Yves Cadot on the life of Jigoro Kano. It was very interesting, being based on Yves' PHD thesis the lecture was based on scientific principles... i.e. Evidence.

So hearing the story of Jigoro Kano's life based on eveidence was really a treat. Unlike much of the "History" we learn via word of mouth, Yves' histry of his life is based on written records and in fact agreed with much of the "received opinion" on Jigoro Kano's background.

I was also fortunate in the evening to met Yves having a coffee and was able to ask him some questions about the relationships between Jigoro Kano and Funakoshi-Sensei of Karate and Ueshiba-Senei and get answers based in written records, not legend.

Something that was of interest was Yves' opinion that Jigoro Kano never wrote anything for or against Judo being included as an Olympic sport. Though some of the other writings of Jigoro kano could be interpreted as indicating that perhaps the "sport" aspect of Judo was not what he wanted. Specifically Yves' spoke about how very near the end of Kano-Sensei's life he wrote about wanting to hold courses to improve the way Randori was being practiced.

Now, perhaps this is all based on Yves' biases, but it was refreshing to have a discussion about Jioro Kano that was based on evidence rather than legend. Too often I hear people use phrases like "Kano siad..." or "Kano thought..." which is not referenced to a specific piece of evidence. Perhaps it is being on the course and developing a more scientific method that makes me appreciate it?

The keynote was followed by a session with Mike Callan on "Managing Information" which was primarily to help us prepare for one of our assessments. It was good to examine management structures and relate them to Judo examples.

The afternoon was primarily tutorials and I was able to get my laptop working again, :) I was also able to spend some time working on the methodology for my research project. To that end I had a tutorial with Mike Callan and was able to discuss the direction and logistics of my project and that helped me get it heading in the right direction.

The evening as always was an opportunity to chat with the other people on the course and learn from their acivities and opinions.

As you'll have been able to detect from the words so far, I enjoyed Yves' lecture somewhat. Sure it was histry and that can be a hard subject to maintain focus on over the duration of a lecture. However, I found it really interesting and meeting him in the afternoon/evening was even better as I had the opportunity to ask and discuss aspects of Judo that only someone who had dedicated such effort to researching could answer, Yves has indicated that he is willing to come on the podcast and share some of his evidence based history of Jigoro Kano; I am really looking forward to capturing that in audio!

So all in all, a working laptop and a producive day and a excellent keynote made for another good day in Bath. Oh and winning the sweepstake was good too! :)


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