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University of Bath, Bsc. EJU Level 5 - Block 1, Day 9.  

Hi all, just a quick post to basically ensure that I keep my record of posting everyday in tact.

Today, again, we only had two lectures which is a shame, but at least they were two good lectures. The first was Andrew Moshanov on Effective Research Strategies, the second Katrina McDonald on Literature Review.

Both lectures were really useful for our research projects.
Andrew's really had some great stuff for my research and Katrina's was great help for our literature reviews.

After which we had.... nothing, just plain old nothing.
Bit of a shame really, that is two days in a row where the afternoon has been wasted. It is good time for getting into the databases looking for research papers, but I'd rather be in lectures while I am here. Seems a shame to pay all this money and commit all this time, just to spend it on the web. I can do that from home!

Weird, in the first block of the first year of the FdSc, I am sure I whinged the other way, about how intens ethe lecture load was. Now I am complaining it's too light! One thing that has not changed is the insanely short timeframes for getting assignments in. We have 6500 words and three videos to get in byt May 16th. The first due on the 11th of April. The big worry is not getting it in on time, rather getting something you are proud of in on time.

This evening we had our traditional end of block night out. This time we have a reception with The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Bath, Councillor Mrs Sharon Ball. We got to sit in the council chambers and meet her in person and got some stories about Bath also.
Afterwards, we all headed into town for food, drinks and general fun. Blowing off steam after two weeks of having our brains crushed with information.

Here's my tip for the day, skip the mayor visit and go straight to a night out if you are in Bath. It was very impressive and quite an honour I am sure to meet the mayor. But to be frank... not the highlight of my two weeks here, far from it. I think a nice informal dinner together would have been much better fun.

Of course then i would not have learned (twice) about some of the history of Bath, or gotten to handle things like the offical "Master of Ceremonies" medal, valued at something in the range of 30,000 pounds. Or heard the lovely ladies insult the French (in front of Patrick), the Germans (in front of Jurgen) and the Spanish (in front of Carlos). There was crack about AUstralians, which I will assume was ained at me, but the got my accent wrong. ;-)

Afterwards, we visited some nightspots and relaxed, very good fun and I feel better for it. As you may have picked up from yesterdays post, I miss my family and am looking forward to getting home! I can't wait to see my wife and kids and have some serious cuddles on the couch!

Tomorrow is the pack up and get out routine, so I doubt I'll have much to report. In fact I suspect I might have a little break from the blog till perhaps my assignments are done. So untill next time... goodnight!


I found the details of the new BJA gradings here: ... s_home.php ... us_000.pdf

Sorry, I could not find how to comment on the actual podcast you mentioned the gradings change in (S02E07).

The "Technical" link on the BJA home page does not work in Firefox which made finding this page a bit awkward. It works in IE6 okay.


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