About me and this site

This website was born in the early 1990s. It started life on a Kiwi ISP then moved to Geocities where it stayed for many years. It eventually moved to the present judocoach.com address and has been here ever since.

The site started life as a outlet for my original focus on teaching Judo to kids and was originally titled _Judo 4 Kids_. Over time both the site and I have changed, and hence the site has become more focussed on other things rather than just teaching kids. (although judo 4 kids is still very close to my heart)

I (Lance Wicks) have been doing Judo since before I started at high school and have been doing Judo ever since. I started coaching and instructing under the guidance of my Sensei, Mr. Ray Roberts. I am a qualified coach both in New Zealand & Britain. I am a European Judo Union Level 4 Coach, I am also presently studying for a BSc. degree in sports performance at the University of Bath (EJU Level 5 coaching qualification).

I have been involved at all levels of Judo, from childrens club level Judo. I have been involved in both regional and national level administration and have been a member of delegations to commonwealth and world championships. Highlights have included coaching the Royal Navy and British Army.

My underlying "philosophy" is that Judo is fantastic and everyone should benefit the way I have from it!

On a geek side, since leaving school I have worked in corporate IT. Starting on Novell servers and DOS workstations. You name it I've probably broken it! :-) Recently I have enjoyed the move towards Linux, Open Source and Creative Commons, GPL and all those good things.

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