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Podcast episode 4 online! 

Episode 4 in live! It is an interview with Juergin Klinger, who has recently taken the role of High Performance coach at University of Bath.

Fire over to

You can listen online by clicking the little play button or download it onto your computer or mp3 player.

Better yet, subscribe to the feed and get the episodes downloaded automatically for you. Just copy this link " " and paste it into your feed aggregator.

In iTunes: Click ADVANCED, then SUBSCRIBE TO PODCAST, then just paste that link above in. Or just go to the podcast section of the iTunes store, search for "judo europe" and as is by magic our little project should appear!

Finally, thanks to all those listening to the podcast, in the statistics I see hits from all over the world! WOW! If you like it please help out by helping me get people on the podcast. Volunteer to speak or talk to your coach, referee, player and suggest they come on the podcast!

Thanks everyone, enjoy!


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Self Defense Video 

Hi all,
Below is a great martial arts video about self defense against muggers, essential viewing for all coaches. ;)

heh heh, this is from they are hilarious, I recomend checking out there "women can't be trusted" video, which by the way contains adult language and themes! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


P.s. yes this post is to disguise the previous fatty one. :)
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Weight... Bummed! 

the ongoing saga of my weight has reached epic proportions.
I am now literally heavier than I have ever been in my life!

This is the product of decreasing exercise primarily, along with probably too little effort in the diet department.

As some will be aware this is not the first time I've "billowed", kids soak up all my time and energy and exercise goes out the window. I've been running, okay not lately, but I WAS running shall we say. The last few months I have been trying to get back into shape, but the past say month, it's all gone pear-shaped. (much like myself)

I also feel like a fat B'stard, if you know what I mean. Lack of energy, not getting things done, etc etc.


A pre-emptive new years resolution, to lose weight.

But how...

I'm working on it, but I am going to try this site called traineo, web 2.0-tastic. I've been using Joes Goals and this has the same concept but specific to weight.

Heres a button that takes you to the site and also shares some "info" about my blubber status!


Aparently you can sign up as a "motivator", which I think means you get updates on how I am doing and easy ways to shout at me (virtually at least).

So, two things, do take a look at the site and tell me what you know, and B) be a motivator!
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Podcast 4 recorded. 

Hi all,

well, podcast four is recorded and I shall be putting it online over at later this weekend.

This podcast, "in a break from the advertised schedule", is not just me dealing with the emails and news etc etc. This one is another interview/conversation.

This one with Juergen Klinger, who is the coach over at Bath University.

So, keep an eye on the podcast as soon it shall have this new episode online.


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Well, the podcast site is back, not sure what hit it, but no damage done!

About to record a short podcast, prior to Friday when i hope to record a podcast with Juergen Klinger.


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