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Podcast 4 recorded. 

Hi all,

well, podcast four is recorded and I shall be putting it online over at later this weekend.

This podcast, "in a break from the advertised schedule", is not just me dealing with the emails and news etc etc. This one is another interview/conversation.

This one with Juergen Klinger, who is the coach over at Bath University.

So, keep an eye on the podcast as soon it shall have this new episode online.


[ view entry ] ( 1337 views ) permalink is back! 

Well, the podcast site is back, not sure what hit it, but no damage done!

About to record a short podcast, prior to Friday when i hope to record a podcast with Juergen Klinger.


[ view entry ] ( 1426 views ) permalink offline!! :( 

It would appear that has been knocked offline by... I don't know.

The hosting company's website is also down, so perhaps there is a DOS attack OR they've gone bust?

Time will tell.


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Episodes 4 & 5 - Recording soon 

Hi All,

I am going to be recording episode 4 of the podcast this week, as per the "plan" I talked about in episode 2, this one is probably going to be just me.

Mainly news and feedback etc.

So... send me your news comments etc.
Feel free to send me a voicemail by calling me on skype to lwicks or call me on +44 (0)2078719516.

Any really good ones I'll try and put in the audio!

In further podcast news, this week I hope to be interviewing Jurgen Klinger, formerly the Assistant National Coach of Germany he has worked with many world and Olympic medalists. Juergen is a 6th Dan.

Let me know what question you'd like me to ask him.

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Physics in Ukemi 

Not sure about the science, not being a physicist, but looks and sounds great!

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