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Great montage from the US Masters. 

Below is another terrific video from Mike of which has some amazing footage of the USA National Masters conmpetition.


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I'm an academic reference! 

It's official(ish) I am an academic reference.
My research at last years 2006 Commonwealth Judo tournament has, I am told been referenced in someones work! (

The data was collected by me manually by watching and annotating two days of competition (over 100 fights). I recorded all the attacks and scores for each player along with total and clock time. I STILL have not fully written up the research, with only the summary done.

I need to type it all up as a proper research article with the hypothesis stated mathematically and all that good stuff. I'll get it done eventually.

It is nice to know that people are finding the work, it was two hard days work and lots of time in analysis. I also hope that it helps others to reach the conclusion I came to that anyone can do Judo research.

Eventually, I plan to release all the information about the research openly on the web, with all thye forms I used there also so people can re-use my work to do more research. To replicate my research and prove/disprove it.

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Podcast Episode 13 online! 

Episode 13 of is now online.
It is an interview with the authors of the book "Creative Judo Teachi ng". Discussion ranges around such areas as coaching philosophy, methods and the difference between teaching and coaching. Also we discuss the differences between teaching in a school and in a club.
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The scarcity of Judo knowledge. 

I listened to Gene & Mike's latest podcast (Episode 14) today on the way home.

It is a great discussion with Dr. AnnMaria DeMars of the USJA and Serge Bouyssou (who I have shared a podcast with).

It's well worth listening too, one thing leapt out at me and that was AnnMaria saying she had 180 or so documents that she wanted to share but had not managed to catalog and share.

It made me think about how despite what we may think, there is so much information that is simply not available to you and me. Not because it's secret and hidden but rather it's just not easily available.

It is one of the reason that sites like this one exist. I really want to improve my own personal abaility to share information and promote further sharing. I'd be interested to hear others opinions on how we get all this great info out there.

I have considered the idea of setting up a Wiki (ala wikipedia) Just for Judo, or maybe a system like which has a mazing people and info and a great ranking system that drives things along.

Or perhaps just put a decent content management system on this site? Or just stick to plain web pages and put more effort in?


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Running for Judo. 

I went for a run this evening with my wife, we were discussing running (as you do) and Judo (which as both of us are Judoka is not as surprising as it may seem).

With my running club, we are part way through a Couch to 5Km programme. So we are running for a short period, then walking, then running, etc etc.


Run/Walking for Judo.
The general consensus is that Judo consists of a collection of short burst of effort, seperated by periods of compartive rest. The research I did last year (HERE) supports that idea. Basically, Judo is an attack or two followed by a Matte and we walk back to the mark, await Hajime, grip up and then after a bit of time, we attack again.

So, if we are incorporating running into our Judo training how should we train? Specifically? So perhaps jog, then sprint, then walk, then jog, then sprint? (fartlek I believe?)

Interestingly, we thought the idea of dropping to a gentle walk was a good idea. It would be closer to that period after matte is called. Physiologically I guess it makes sense as well.
That sprint is going to hit the ATP-PC system.

So you could easily look at the timing for some accurate drills.

Or of course, you could do some Judo!


P.d. I just got sent this youtube link, enjoy:

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