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Paying the bills

Exclamation mark Blog by Lance Wicks and the power of "social media". 

WOW! A while back I signed up for the marathon alerts for Steve Walker ( who is the man behind the amazing running podcast Phedippidations. Today I have been BOMBARDED by emails (hundreds!) of support for Steve from the mailing list!
Great running what sounds like it has been dreadful weather!

The Phedippidations podcast is terrific, even if you don't run, subscribe right away! It's just been "picked up" by podshow. It's awesome, well produced, innovative, check it out!

Also, have you heard about Scott Sigler? (
I have become a "junkie" to "The Rookie" his latest podcast novel. Anyway... on April first his "Junkies" managed to get his novel "Ancestor" to #1 on the sci-fi and horror sections of Amazon. #7 overall.

The power of "homebrew" media is amazing or as popular commentators call it social media. I am so SO impressed by these two events of recent weeks.

The ability of talented people to express themselves and gain a BIG audience without the support of the traditional media is amazing!

Bring on the revolution I say!

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Awesome video from Mike Darter! 

Mike from has released an AWESOME video promoting Kids Judo!

It's over at ... kids-judo/

Go watch it now it's terrific!!!!

My daughter Cassie (4) was watching it with me and wants us to visit because she saw "lots of friends having fun playing Judo".

go watch that video now
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My latest little project has gone live this evening, please to take a nosey over to its a site that aggregates Judo RSS feeds.


The idea is that by collecting a whole bunch of RSS feeds together they are easier to find, which increases the chances of people finding them and the more people that read them the better it is for the authors!

So far I only have about 5 feeds setup, so do send me your RSS feed.

Let me know what you think.


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FDSC almost there! Assignment progress 

Hi all,
Well, I finished off my second to last assignment for this last block. It was on Strength and Conditioning trends in Judo.

Quite a hard assignment as there is a distinct lack of evidence based research on conditioning for Judo. My assignment was on Olympic Lifting and sport specific conditioning. Despite the lack of evidence, it was a really interesting and challenging assignment to write.

I am looking now to write my final assignment for this block, a lab report on the Sterkowicz Special Judo Fitness Test. A subject I know about thanks to the course and the podcast, so hopefully I shall be able to write a good assignment on that.

Till next time.

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University of Bath, FDSC, Year Three, Block One FInished. (almost) 

Hi all,
well the block is over except for two assignments that need completing over the next two weeks.

I'm really tired and happy to be home where I spent the afternoon with my twins.

Thursday was an interesting day, handed in my assignments then waited and waited to do my practical assessment coaching an Olympic Power Clean. Hopefully I did okay. :)

Thursday night saw the traditional official social, which was a buffet and a Karaoke. Not really my cup of tea, I am a dreadful singer and all too aware of it. It was rather quiet I have to say.

Not a lot on Friday morning, mainly people handing in their assignments and getting on the road. We did watch a little of the European Champs online however. The SMS payment method for the video stream didn't work sadly (at least in the UK).

The GB players all lost in the first round, which is a shame. Of course the course is quite international so some folk were still sitting with crossed fingers when I left.

All in all the block has been good, but not great like previous blocks. Struggling to know why it's been disappointing. I think it has been the series of niggles rather than anything being wrong particularly. Perhaps, it's just the nearing end of the degree getting us down a bit? Or perhaps it's because as new year students have started we (the first cohort) are getting less attention than we got in the past, perhaps we are less pampered? Lindsay who looked looked after us in the first year seemed to be at every lecture, everyday. This year we've been seen anyone except the lecturers themselves. I dunno, it may well be just that the workload has increased and we just plain have to work harder and as such the enjoyment has lowered.

I was really happy with one of my assignments this time, particularly because I expanded it to meet the word count. :)
I think it is probably the single most complete assignment I've done. I think all the referencing is well done and relevant, and that the idea I was trying to express got across and was worthwhile.

Anyway... I was happy with it.

So I have two more 1000 word assignments to get done in the next two weeks so shoulder to the grindstone!

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