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Paying the bills

Exclamation mark Blog by Lance Wicks updated has had an update.
I found an excellent piece of planetplanet software called moonmoon, no really. Anyway... it's a far better piece of code than my code was, so i have implemented it.

It includes creating an RSS feed, so that all the good stuff from can be subscribed to in a single feed.

Take a look at tell me what you think.
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Creative Judo Teaching - Excellent Book 

Creative Judo Teaching

Creative Judo Teaching by Ken Webber and Malcolm Collins has just arrived in the post. And after an initial browse I have to say it looks fantastic!!!

Webber and Collins are bigwigs in the BSJA ( ) and the schools influence shows through I think.

The book is very much along the lines of my previous post, for a start they refer to TEACHING Judo rather than just lumping everything in under COACHING.

There are some excellent and often neglected sections on responsibilities, methodology and planning for teaching Judo.
They also include some quite good looking class plans and programmes. (**I've not even started reading this properly so this is based on my initial glances)

Even if the deeper content turns out to be poor, which I doubt. I woudl recommend we all buy a copy of this book as reference material. For those of us on the FDSC course the section on Judo pedagogy might be good reference material for that assignment. Is it the DVD assignment that specifically mentions pedagogy?

Anyway, Creative Judo Teaching looks good.
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New term: Judo Advisor 

Judo Advisor

I love this term, which I have adapted from, who Just ran the Boston Marathon. His coach uses the term "Marathon Advisor" rather than coach. I really like it, maybe we should be "Ippon Advisors"?

Judo advisor, works well in the Judo context. We could do with a bunch of them in the sport. People who advise us, but don't want the title coach. It really is what I see my role as quite often, especially when dealing with internet based realtionships with players.

I have for a long time liked to make a clear line between Judo Coach and Judo Instructor, now I think I'll add Judo Advisor. As I see it here are the definitions, please do weigh in with your opinions.

Judo Instructor
This is someone who teaches the techniques to a student or students. I personally think this is what a vast majority of Judo "coaches" are doing most of the time.

Judo Coach
Someone who helps a player refine their skills. This is NOT me showing you how I did Uchi Mata when I was a player. This is much harder than instructing, this is me helping you find your own unique Uchi Mata.

Judo Advisor
This is someone who helps you (the player) make decisions about their career, their technique, etc. Perhaps an experienced former player? Perhaps a sports scientist? Maybe just someone with a knack of helping others think straight.

Well those are my definitions for today, like all things they will morph and change. But change is good.
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Podcast Episode 11 goes online. 

Hi Everyone,
The latest episode of the podcast is now online. It is the second part of the interview with Daniel Lascau and Jane Bridge, it was a keynote lecture at the University of Bath.

It is a fascinating insight into the experiences of two Judo World Champions, it is available over at

Please let me know what you think.
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WOW! A while back I signed up for the marathon alerts for Steve Walker ( who is the man behind the amazing running podcast Phedippidations. Today I have been BOMBARDED by emails (hundreds!) of support for Steve from the mailing list!
Great running what sounds like it has been dreadful weather!

The Phedippidations podcast is terrific, even if you don't run, subscribe right away! It's just been "picked up" by podshow. It's awesome, well produced, innovative, check it out!

Also, have you heard about Scott Sigler? (
I have become a "junkie" to "The Rookie" his latest podcast novel. Anyway... on April first his "Junkies" managed to get his novel "Ancestor" to #1 on the sci-fi and horror sections of Amazon. #7 overall.

The power of "homebrew" media is amazing or as popular commentators call it social media. I am so SO impressed by these two events of recent weeks.

The ability of talented people to express themselves and gain a BIG audience without the support of the traditional media is amazing!

Bring on the revolution I say!

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