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Lots of great things coming soon! 

Hi all,
I know, I know, I've been quiet for a long while, sorry.

I have been doing too many things with the few hours I have left in a week after work and kids, etc.

I have been doing lots of coding for an old friend, which has taken up the bulk of my free time. The code is now at the Beta stage and is pretty sweet, should be able to point folk at it soon.

I have also been preparing for my trip to Bath next week. I hope to learn a lot and also get lots of recordings done for the podcast. The course has so many great people on it and the number increases again this year as a third cohort join us.

On the subject of the podcast, I have been discussing a new idea with Mike in the US ( ). Which from the brief chats we've had about it should be great.

I have another, less exciting, but really useful podcast idea which I am thinking of doing.

Whilst in Bath I hope to do some web design work and make use of some of the domains I have not been using so far, so keep tuned.

Feedback on the podcast with Emerson has been great, please do email me with any comments. I have uploaded a slightly better sounding one to the original after the initial flurry of comments about the sound quality.

Whilst in Bath, I hope to be using some top quality audio gear, so the audio will hopefully be terrific!

Exciting couple of weeks ahead, I wish I hadn't been fighting a cold for a week or so!

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Mayo Quanchi Judo Team - Summer Judo Camp 

Serge over in the USA has just sent me through some information on his Judo Camp. Below are some rough details, contact Serge for more details, tell him Lance sent you. :)

Open to judoka of all levels. Coaches are welcome.
This camp is a great opportunity to train with some of the best in the USA and the UK.

Place: Mayo Quanchi Judo club
751 Main Street
West Warwick R.I. 02831

Due to the number of judoka we will be breaking our camp up into 3/ 5 day segments: June 15th-20,th 20th-25,th We will be on a first come first serve basis. In the application below you will need to provide the dates you wish to attend. Multiple weeks are possible.

Camp fee for home stay and all meals included will be: $175 if received by April 20th, April 20th May 10th $200. If space is still available after May 10th the cost will be $250.

Camp fee for staying on your own $150

Contact Serge Bouyssou (401) 647-4678 or

Please make checks payable to Serge Bouyssou and mail application and waiver to Serge Bouyssou 290 Matteson road Hope R.I. 02831

Due to the fact that these camps have grown so much, we will be on a first come first serve basis.

Airport to fly into: Providence

Please remember to bring Sleeping bags and swimwear.

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Podcast Episode 7 uploading now! 

Over at the latest episode is uploading!

It is a great episode with Emerson Franchini.

It should be up in about half an hour!
It's at

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Podcast on the way - Emerson Franchini 

Hi all, been a bit quiet, sorry folks. But I am pleased to say that I have recorded and started editing a new podcast with Emerson Franchini from Sau Paulo, Brazil!

Emerson is a University lecturer and Judo researcher as well as a conditioning and fitness coach. He has done considerable research on the elite players of Brazil, including those who competed in the Athens Olympic games.

We discuss his work with our very first podcast guest, Stanislaw Sterkowicz. He also in the second half of the interview gives some really practical and useful tips on fitness training for Judo athletes based on what he has learned from his work with athletes and his research.

Unfortunately the audio was a little bad. Partly because of techincal reasons and partially because it was raining heavily in Brazil when we were recording. (Okay... yes it was raining here in the UK also.)

So, I shall hopefully have that completed tomorrow night on the podcast!


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this weekend I took my family to Bournemouth.
I noticed a bunch of "youth" hanging around near the pier. Which sadly, is not that unusual in most places. They just hang about on corners doing very little. They get bored and then, end up causing trouble, drinking, smoking, etc etc.

Not these kids though!
As I was wandering about I suddenly caught the sight of a young lad somersaulting off the walkway onto the sand. Then I saw some kids running up and flipping backwards off a wall. WHOAH!!! Way cool!!!!

On closer examination I noticed that some of these "kids" were wearing South Coast Parkour t-shirts.

Parkour or Free-Running, is getting quite big and originates I undetstand in the suburbs of Paris. It's now showing up in movies adverts, etc.

I was impressed tosee kids just playing as teens. Physically playing. Bleeding awesome! So rather than just standing about, these young people were playing and learning how to do excellent gymnastic feats!

I appreciate that much like skateboarding Parkour probably has a rubbish reputation and is bound to be hated by parish councils. BUT, I'd rather have the local kids in my neighbourhood doing something cool like Parkour, rather than hanging around on corners doing nothing!

Anyway... check our South Coast Parkours website:

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