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Training resources for Judo athletes. 

The resources for athletes within our sport seem sparce. perhaps the "Elite" players are getting better conditioning training than is immediately apparent from within the rest of the sport.

I have worked out in gyms since I was in my teens, working with international players and coaches. I also have the advantage of having lived in New Zealand, where IMHO the general knowledge and application of sport science is higher than many other countries.

Yet, recently I have found myself reading more and more on strength & conditioning training. I have caught myself realising how badly I have understood the principles, theories and application of good training.

Worse, I have found that there is very little easily found quality information and resources out there for us.

I am a porker, never was overly slim, but now rather heavier than I should be both for participation in Judo or for my general health. So, in recent months I have been looking at myself and working on my fitness.

I have been experimenting with heart rate monitor training, which has been enlightening. I have been reading up on resistance training etc.

My primary finding is that for many many years I have been training like a mad man! I see now that I have been working hard, not smart. I notice that when I wear my heart rate monitor, I see that the levels I was training at have been wrong for the goal of the session. A HR monitor has been really useful to me as it has been educating me as to where I really should be working at to achieve my goals.

The same is true of my return to the gym and weights.
Perhaps because as a youth I was tiny, perhaps because of my personality, I again, work way too hard! I have taken the time to find my one rep max, to work out what weights, reps and sets and importantly my RIs (rest intervals) I need for my objectives.
Again, its a remarkable difference to my previous experiences and thoughts on where I should be training.


I have been looking for good solid resources for training and specifically for our sport, Judo. There is very little available on the WEB that is easy to find. And nothing as good as spending the money to buy a book by the likes of Tudor Bompa.

Similarly tools to assist me are hard to find Brian Mac's website is about the most useful. ( ) So, I've been doing this all from widely spreadout info and mainly manually.

I also thoroughly recommend the works of the Houston Texans (American Football) team. Try their execellent training manual here ... 010703.pdf. is great but it's not really aimed at athletes.

We could do with better resources.
or are there some that you are familiar with? please let me know if you have some good resources.

It may become a project to develop some tools.


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Mike Darter of has just setup

Which is kinda cool as my site was inspired (stolen) by his site. aims to replicate some of the original goals of this site, so that makes us about even. :)

Go check it out!
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Woot, sign thispetition!

Here is a petition to encourage Tony Blair & co. to go open source!

Sign it folks, sign it now.. go!
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Two great things I have tried in the past couple of weeks. 

In the past two weeks (roughly), I have tried two things that have turned out to be terrific!

1) Nike+ iPod thingee
I spent twebty pounds on the little Nike+ dohicky that is supposed to go inside your Nike+ shoes. There is a little adapter that plugs into my iPod and as I run I get an audio and visual report on how long, fast, etc I have been running.

Like all things Apple, (and Nike) it's slick and works perfectly first time.

A couple of things have really impressed me, one the Nike+ website and interaction with iTunes. When I sync my iPod, it goes on to the Nike+ website and I now have a Widget that shows my mileage etc.

The second and massively cool feature is that the other night I went for a longer run. And at the end Paula Radcliffe suddenly started coming out of my iPods headphones, congratulating me on my longest run to date!

What a great little bonus feature!! Well done Nike & Apple. It's silly but I was buzzing over that all evening!

Heres the Nike+ site:

2) Blog Bridge
I have been using Bloglines pretty much religiously since I came across it. It has survived the Google Reader threat. It's just great and I love it. BUT, it's web-based, meaning when I am offline I can't read any blogs.
I found and have been trying Blog Bridge which is a multi-platform, Java application that reads blogs, and does a mighty fine job of it to!
I've been using it almost a week now an am thinking I'll stick with it, the interface take a bit of adjusting after Bloglines, but being able to read my many hudreds of blogs offline is a massive bonus! There are some great features like the ability to automatically highlight keywords you specify wherever they appear.
The guides feature is pretty cool too, though I am only just getting my head around it.

It is very much worth checking out, its open source by the way.

Heres the website:
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My new phone has been announced!! 

Some of you already know I use a Nokia 9500 Communicator mobile phone.
I use it all the time and I love it, but have been tempted by newer more shiny phones.

But enGadget dropped the news today that Nokia have announced the new communicator, the e90.

Check out the specs on the engadegt website over at : ... -launched/

It is probably not going to hit the Uk till late this year, which probably gives me just enough time to save up for it! :)
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