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Upcoming podcasts - your questions please. 

Hi everyone, I am pleased to say that the first podcasts of 2007 will soon be recorded. I would like to invite anyone and everyone to email me or leave a comment, with your questions for my guests.

So who are these guests?

I am happy to say that Lisa McIver, Nuno Delgado and Pat Warren have agreed to speak on the podcast. There are several other people "in the pipeline" but these three are more definate.

Lisa works for SportsScotland and developed the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) document for the British Judo Association (BJA).

Nuno Delgado ( according to his Wkipedia entry is:
"...Portuguese judoka who became known for winning Portugal's first Olympic medal in the Judo a bronze in the under-81 kg category at the 2000 Summer Olympics, in Sidney. He was also senior European champion (Bratislava, 1999)."

Finally Pat Warren, Pat is President of the Judo Association of Zimbabwe, and I understand founded the association in 1963. She is going to be able to talk about African Judo and much more.

I am really flattered that these three people have agreed to come on the podcast, I am certain that they will share some really great Judo knowledge that we'll all be able to share, worldwide!

So, now you know who the guests are going to be, please email me ( or leave a comment on the blog. Send me any questions you might have and I shall endeavour to include them when I am recording.

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Wii Diet 

Worth a go I guess. :)
The Wii diet is the latest meme I've picked up on. Might try playing, it is at least a good excuse to use on the wife.
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NO!!!!!! JudokaInk don't deliver to UK!!!! 

I got pointed to which is Judoka Ink and found some GREAT Judo t-shirts, I put three in my "trolley" and tried to checkout and BANG!!!

They don't deliver outside the USA, I'm gonna cry!!

Heres the designs I was after:

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Judo back in at next Commonwealths IF Glasgow 

Well, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games bid has announced the sports it will have if it wins the games. JUDO IS IN! SO go Glasgow!

If nothing else we get lots of iconic photos of Graham Randall winning his World title, taht alone makes it worth it if you ask me! :)

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Podcast looking good again. 

Hi all, just a quick message to say that the nasty error message on the podcast has gone. That train ride from London to home provided enough time to look at the code and spot the problem.

It may of course cause other problems, knowing my luck! So let me know if you see any problems please.

In other podcast news, I spent the best part of 2 hours recording a podcast with Mike, Gene, Serge & Matt on Friday night. Some really excellent discussion which will soon appear on and possibly on also, a "simulcast" perhaps?

The EU podcast will be coming out with another episode very soon, I have 4 podcasts lined up for recording, all of which I am really looking to recording and sharing with everyone. Should be really REALLY good, stay tuned!

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