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University of Bath, Judo BSc. Block 2, Day 4.  

Well I should call this entry case of the disappearing Kiwi, day four here at University of Bath was kinda frustrating. It all started well, but went pear shaped shortly after breakfast.

Rather than get to my first lecture, I got sidetracked helping other people try and get some video footage usable for a presentation they are doing next week. We then had two tutorial/study time slots, one before and one after lunch. I was able to spend quite a bit of time knocking my methodology for my research project into shape with the odd interruption.

At the end of the study time after lunch I was with a fellow student reviewing one anothers assignment, I hurried up to my room to grab my Judogi but got nabbed on the way up by several differents sets of people. In the end I only managed to get to my room 15-20 minutes or so after the dojo session had started. So being late already and having a 5 minute walk to the dojo, I sat down in my room and worked on... you guessed it the methodology.

Later I worked on the assignment till about 6:30pm, then popped out for a bit of food, then... yes... i worked on the assignment again. At a about 10pm I popped down to the bar and spoke with someone who had visited my room around 7:30. Sadly he had spotted me checking my word count and told me what it was when he was there, which was ever so slightly less than what it had been when I left my room. Obviously my editing hopefully means the text is better, but frustrating to spend that much time on something and have less to show for it.

Whilst out in the evening my disappearance from sessions/dojo/lectures was noted. :(
Friday is looking as bad for absenteeism, the methodology is the base upon which my research into attack rates, scoring and victory in elite Judo will be built on; so I am perhaps overly focused on trying to get it right.

This obsession is both because I want to get it right and because it needs to be in on Friday and I want to get a reasonable grade to go with the ok grade I got for the literature review.

Oh well... next week looks a bit more civilised for me. :)

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