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66 Days to the World Masters... 

... and I am injured again.

Hi all,
well it's been a while since I blogged over here, sorry, but after two weeks of solid blogging you were sick of me right.

Anyway, training-wise, I went along to Paul Jones' place on Monday which was enjoyable. I had a randori with Paul, which was a bit of fun. Solid bugger! Hard grip fighter and we had some fun scrapping.

Thursday night I went along to Gosport Judokwai, formerly Gosport Judo Club.
This weekend a the club is heading across the channel to visit Royan Judo Club in France, so a quiet night was expected and delivered. Of course a "quiet night" in Gosport means 20 people including 8 Dan grades.
As always a good session.
Just after the warmup we did some really interesting movement exercises, running to and around your partner; who stands on the other side of the mat, you run around them and then they follow you and run around you. There were lots of variations, really interesting as it was good both in terms of running around and getting a bit of a workout and also agility/movement development.

I have asked Peter Powell to act as coach for the trip to the masters. And he is coaching me at the club, which is great. I have commented elsewhere that one of the issues with being a dan grade is that sometimes you cease to get coached. Pete is now spending most of the evenings slagging of my lack of fitness, my poor technique and bad attitude! It's a bit of a shock to be "coached" again, I'm already looking forward to next week now!

The downside is a certain young man who will be getting "the bash" next week stomped on my foot. ;-) Now it hurt a bit at the time, but was okay moments later, and was still ok when I got home and ate etc.
However, when I got up this morning my foot told me in no uncertain terms it was not happy. Sharp pain if I put weight on it. Now, there is nothing wrong (I think) with my foot, it is I think just bruising around the meta-tarsal bones. But it does hurt enough to make me limp and that aggravated my opposite knee (with the damage).

Again, I suppose this is the downside to being in the "masters". The ol' body does not handle the knocks quite as well as it used to.

66 days to the World Masters, and the plans although paused slightly are back on track. I have to put my entry in for a preparation event this week. That event is the High Wycombe Masters, which is pretty big.

Anyway, so I'm back and back in training. I have rejoined a gym as I am supposed to be in a strength phase... in theory. I hope it all goes well

Anyway... it's Friday night, so I should relax and stop typing.

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