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World Masters Training, Week Summary 12/46.  

This week the highlight is breaking 200 miles run for the year (since February), but more on that in a moment.

So this week has been low key and low volume... not entirely planned, work commitments meant I missed my Thursday session.

On Monday I was up at Paul Jones' School of Judo again, Pete from Gosport came with me, which was nice. I really like Paul's club, it has a real "family" feel to it. I also like the ne-waza drills Paul does every week. I was never a strong ne-waza player, so I think it is a good idea to basically create a kata for groundwork. It means that all the students in Paul's club have a good basic knowledge of what to do in the situations represented in the drills.

In the Randori, I was caught twice, which was good and bad. Both were clean throws, one drop seoi nage by Luke, which was just inescapable.
The second was getting caught by a counter by one of the large adult greenbelts. I attacked with Uchi Mata, then switched with Ko Uchi Gari, then what I didn't do was follow through and put the guy down. This hesitation/failure on my part left me wide open to be taken backwards, which I was and after a brief flight I landed heavy... Ippon for sure!

The "take away" on this is that Judo is about throwing, not getting to a point where you could have thrown your opponent. Here in the UK and from my experience in most western clubs, Randori often does not include much actual throwing. Unlike Japan, when I trained there I was getting thrown constantly, where Randori is all about throwing each other.

Getting taken back was my fault, I used my uchi mata to get the ko uchi, when I got it something in me stopped, I knew I had him, but did not follow through and throw. My opponent on the other hand did what I should have down and followed through beautifully and bang I was thrown.

Now... as coaches, we need to balance safety and student retention against achieving the development of good Judo. Throwing is what Judo is about, yet each week we see players do nothing but fight for grips then maybe half commit to the odd attack.
Now, I know getting thrown is hard and does scare people off, and not just beginners, but throwing is IMHO vital, nobody gets points for getting to the point where they could have thrown someone, medals come to those who actually throw.
So we need to make sure our players are throwing often and well.

Back to my training...

After Monday, the week was a right off, I didn't do anything till Saturday.

Saturday I hit the road and did a 5.8 mile (10:22 per mile) run, which has put me over 200 miles run for the year! Back in April I bought a Nike+ kit and started using to track the mile I run and I am now on 202 miles!

It's not impressive by running standards, but I got a bit of a buzz from it, in fact I had been looking forward to the run since last week. This is perhaps a example of the importance of mini-goals in any training programme. Also of having "metrics" in your training.

In my Judo, I have not implemented any metrics as such, I should probably start counting uchi komi or perhaps throws completed? There is the old wisdom that it takes 10,000 uchi komi to master a throw, so maybe I should be trying to measure that, maybe you should do that too, or perhaps have other metrics, let me know.

The mini-goal (hitting 200 in my case) is important too, ever since I got over about 170 miles I have been looking forward to breaking 200. It has even got me out on the road on days when I considered skipping it.

Similar metric based mini-goals in Judo might prove useful in your training/coaching. What do you think? I know I plan on incorporating some metrics into my next cycle.

On that subject, I am re-assesing and re planning again this week, I want to incorporate a technique session, probably at home and with this weeks experience I think it may be a uchi-komi and nage-komi focussed session. So some set amount of uchi komi and ngge komi.

In my plans, I always incorporate a schedule of techniques to work on, which I follow roughly. Especially in the stage I am in at the moment, I have not been too focussed on that list, I just take a look every so often and try and use those techiniques during the session. As my training progresses and improves I plan to follow the technique side more strictly and make it more important.

Finally, on I spotted a link to which I am browsing and finding interesting, I have just subscribed to the RSS feed. Scott is a trainer and is sharing via the blog some training information on MMA (cage) fighters training. Lots of good stuff in there, take a look.

Anyway... the training this week has not been ideal, but I believe I am improving and am about ready to change up a gear. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I think I have under loaded myself in this cycle and will add more load in the next one. But it is all part of the learning curve and being underloaded means I don't get injured. :)

Till next time. Lance.

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