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Come back Judo!! :-( 

It's February 2022... and this site has been gathering dust. And whoah what a time it has been as a Judo coach.

On March 16 2020, I closed my Judo club due to the COVID pandemic. This what shortly before the nationwide "lock-down" here in the UK.

And just short of two years later the club remains closed as the latest wave of virus starts to fade and we hope the last.

Unfortunately, my club has as small dojo with pretty poor ventilation. So, unlike some clubs we have not re-opened. I am particularly cautious; so have been taking it very slowly in regard to returning to the tatami.

I have not traveled for Judo since the Tel Aviv competition in 2020.

If you know me at all, you will appreciate how much this is a change in my life. I started Judo as a child and has this is the longest I have ever been off the tatami.

Currently I am building a software application to run Kata Competitions. It has been an enjoyable side project; I shall be open sourcing the code once it's a bit more developed than it is now.

Other Judo projects are still ticking along or being refreshed at the moment. One of the drivers to write this post is that I am refreshing many of my broken sites. got a complete rewrite (Judo news website). is running quietly in the background (Judo training diary). got re-written into Elm (World Ranking list app).

My Webservice::Judobase library has had a little attention and it's been nice to assist researchers trying to improve our art and sport. I also used it to calculate an estimate of the IJF World Tour carbon footprint which was interesting.

I did some live streams during the lockdowns. A couple of experimental "Watch Party" events which were a blast to work on.

So it's been surprisingly busy; especially when layers on top of managing a development team as we went into lockdown and transition to remote work. I more recently changed company and am working on new challenges.

Anyway... I hope to keep working on some of the neglected projects, I still think of reboot the podcast; we shall see.

Stay tuned... say hello.



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