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What would be the impact of high tech Judogi in Judo? 

I read this evening during a bout of catching up, a blog post by Ross Tucker about the new Speedo LZR swimsuit and how it has been attributed with contributing to the breaking of 13 world records in the last 40 days or so.

It's a causing all sorts of controversy in swimming and it got me to thinking about Judo and the Judo suit.

I have been thinking about the Judogi (Judo suit) for a while and wondering if the design could be altered to take advantage of modern technology. Watching the Rugby World Cup made me think that modern synthetic fabrics could take the strain that Judo creates on the cloth (maybe).

Or even just alterations to the gi, say lining it with a moisture wicking material?

With the kerfuffle over the Speedo swimsuit, I wonder if Judo has the right idea in keeping an archaic piece of clothing? Then again, the new swimsuit has allowed athletes to perform at a higher level than ever possible before, would high tech' fabrics allow Judoka to perform at higher levels also?

Would it even have an effect?

It would be an interesting experiment, maybe someone could try it, if you do, make sure you send me a fancy new Judo suit please. ;-)


P.s. I thoroughly recommend the "THE SCIENCE OF SPORT" blog, that this story came to me from, well worth a browse. It is run by Jonathan Dugas and Ross Tucker who both have Ph.D.'s in Exercise Science. There are some terrific sport science articles on the site.

@ Lance - This is an industry that clearly lacks technical innovation in all areas. I don't know how many times I've pulled my gi out of the dryer to find the lappel still wet or some good majority of it. It would be so much better if it would dryer quicker.

@Jimmy's comment - I love wearing a gi, no matter how sweaty I am. I feel it upholds tradition and also like the uniform feeling when in the dojo. If everybody just had gi-less gear on, one uniform body is not represented. The gi offers not just technical practice but a symbolic one as well (i.e. Samurai wore white to symbolize purity).
Administrator (Lance Wicks) 

I know what you mean, JudoGi are notoriously heavy. I have some competition which are horrendously heavy at times. In fact they have killed more than one washing machine! :)

It would be really interesting to see if modern materials could take the strain and also I'd love to know what a light (but strong) Gi made of modern materials would feel like.


I'll tell you what, sometimes rolling with my GI whether it be Jiu Jitsu or Judo is almost unbearable. I have one of them gameness gi's which are extremely thick. I'd be excited for a better gi design.


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