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Some great coaching...shame I don't speak french. :( 

I found the video below this morning, it features a lady I have had the great privilege to met and speak with, Jane Bridge, World Champion. Jane, is/was coaching a professional/semi-professional Judo team in France, although I think she is now in the UK working at Team Bath.

Anyway, this is how I wish I did my Seoi Nage!

I found this video on this site anyone able to tell me more about the site> Also curious if I can get a copy of the DVD(s) that seem to be available... maybe.

You may also be interested in listening to Jane Speak in a keynote lecture at the University of Bath with fellow World Champion Daniel Lascau. It is split into two MP3 files over at (PART1, PART2).

Administrator (Lance Wicks) 

Thanks David, yes good site.
I listened to your interview on excellent work you are doing up there!
David Elmore 

Lance, also check this out as I think the 2 are connected I think its a session by the French Judo association where they bring in guest coaches.


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