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Two great things I have tried in the past couple of weeks. 

In the past two weeks (roughly), I have tried two things that have turned out to be terrific!

1) Nike+ iPod thingee
I spent twebty pounds on the little Nike+ dohicky that is supposed to go inside your Nike+ shoes. There is a little adapter that plugs into my iPod and as I run I get an audio and visual report on how long, fast, etc I have been running.

Like all things Apple, (and Nike) it's slick and works perfectly first time.

A couple of things have really impressed me, one the Nike+ website and interaction with iTunes. When I sync my iPod, it goes on to the Nike+ website and I now have a Widget that shows my mileage etc.

The second and massively cool feature is that the other night I went for a longer run. And at the end Paula Radcliffe suddenly started coming out of my iPods headphones, congratulating me on my longest run to date!

What a great little bonus feature!! Well done Nike & Apple. It's silly but I was buzzing over that all evening!

Heres the Nike+ site:

2) Blog Bridge
I have been using Bloglines pretty much religiously since I came across it. It has survived the Google Reader threat. It's just great and I love it. BUT, it's web-based, meaning when I am offline I can't read any blogs.
I found and have been trying Blog Bridge which is a multi-platform, Java application that reads blogs, and does a mighty fine job of it to!
I've been using it almost a week now an am thinking I'll stick with it, the interface take a bit of adjusting after Bloglines, but being able to read my many hudreds of blogs offline is a massive bonus! There are some great features like the ability to automatically highlight keywords you specify wherever they appear.
The guides feature is pretty cool too, though I am only just getting my head around it.

It is very much worth checking out, its open source by the way.

Heres the website:


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