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Windows 2003 - Phone Home! 

as many of you know I am not a fan of those folk in Redmond. To be frank the label "Evil Empire" is one I use more often than not.

I do appreciate the fact the Windoze has made computing really easy for all, I appreciate all the clever people in the company and lots of things that Micro$oft do.

What I do not appreciate is the way some tings happen with M$.

Take this example.

Windows 2003 server, an enterprise level operating system. Something you are more than likely to have in a secure environment right? Say one that is not connected to the Internet.

Which is a good idea and last week when I was setting up a server that is eaxactly what I had. And why am I bringing it up? Because I started getting stange errors in the event log. will show you the message and tells you why you get it.

The short of it is, W2K3 "phones home".
Now I am sure that there is a good and ethical reason for it. By the looks of it, all that is happening is WinDoze is downloading a text file that will be used for setting up crytographic services.


What if the site gets hacked? What if the way that text file is processed sucks and a clever cracker works out what code to put in that text file to publish all the data on that server to youtube?

Unlikely I know, but there was no dialog box asking if I wanted to go online and get this file. It just happened! My security is potentially compromised and my privacy too.

M$ presumably know how to track hits to a web page so would know the IP address of your server, they'd know when you accessed that file. And what if Johnny script-kiddy works out how to get that info? What if he then writes a script that portscans all those addresses looking for W2K3 vulnerabilities?

Why M$ didn't you give me some indication that you were going outside onto the web and doing this?
When else is this happening M$?
How would we know?


So... grumpy grumpy.

Thoughts folks?
Lance Wicks 

Hey Buddy!!

I hope you are keeping out of trouble!


You still whiney get then, fahucian or however you spell your name Rusty.

Just thought i would pop by its been a little while and long overdue some contact!!

Regards to Sal and the bairns!!



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